SM1-Compatible Transla...

SM1-Compatible Translation Mounts

  • Mounts Ø1" Optics and Lens Tubes
  • Internal SM1 Threading (1.035"-40)
Magnetic Measuring Ta...

Magnetic Measuring Tape and Beam Height Ruler

  • Hands-Free Measuring
  • Imperial and Mertic Scales
Marking Paint

Marking and Touch-Up Paint

  • White Paint in Compact 0.5 fl oz Applicator Bottle
  • Two Applicator Tips: Roller Ball for Fine Application and Paint...
Laser Barrier

Laser Safety Barrier

  • 5' x 6' Laser Barrier
  • No-Trip Base Design
  • High CW and Pulsed Damage Thresholds
Ø1/2" Optical Posts

Stainless Steel Optical Posts: Ø1/2", Ø12.7 mm, and Ø12 mm

  • Precision Ground Stainless Steel Posts
  • 1/4"-20 (M6) Tapped Hole in Base, 8-32(M...
XY Plus Z-Axis Rotati...

XY Linear Translation Plus Z Axis Rotation Stage

  • 1/2" Linear Travel Along X and Y Axes
  • 360° of Continuous Rotation
  • Low Profile Stage for I...
Tapered Amplifier Con...

Tapered Amplifier Mount and Driver

  • Compatible with Thorlabs Tapered Amplifiers
  • Integrated Current and TEC Controllers
  • Drive Current up to 2....
Ø1" Ceramic Pedestal...

Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Ceramic Pedestal Post

  • Enhanced Thermal and Electrical Isolation of Components
  • Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Post with Pedestal Base,1/2" (12....
25 mm Cubes and Brackets

Cubes and Brackets for 25 mm Rails

  • Build Right-Angled Structures and Enclosures
  • Construction Cubes Create Rigid Corners and Joints
  • Brackets ...
Temperature Stabilized

Temperature Controlled Lens Tubes

  • Temperature Controlled Lens Tubes for Temperature Sensitive Optical Components
  • Passive Heat Sink Lens Tube ...
Blackout Materials

Blackout Materials

  • Block Stray or Unwanted Light
  • Build Light-Tight Structures
  • Protect Light-Sensitive Equipment
INTUN Continuously Tu...

INTUN Series Tunable Lasers

  • Center Wavelengths: 1320 and 1550 nm
  • Instantaneous Linewidth of 150 kHz
  • Continuous Mode-Hop Free Tuning
Plastic Viewing Screen

Post-Mountable Viewing Screen

  • 149 mm (5.87") Square Plastic Viewing Screen
  • 8-32 (M4) Tapped Hole for Post Mounting
  • Front and Back Surface Fi...
Adaptive Optics Kits

Adaptive Optics Kits

  • Kit Includes Deformable Mirror, Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor, and All Necessary Optics/Hardware
  • Up to 100 Hz Closed-L...
Superluminescent Diode...

Superluminescent Diode (SLD) Light Source for OCT Systems

  • 1325 nm SLD, Bandwidth 100 nm
  • Fiber-Coupled Power 10 mW
  • SM Fiber Pigtail with FC...
Photomultiplier Detec...

Photomultiplier Modules

  • Modular Design for up to 8 Channels
  • Broadband Spectral Response: 185 - 900 nm
NIR Fiber Isolators (...

Visible and NIR Fiber Optic Isolators with SM Fiber (770 - 990 nm)

  • Center Wavelength at 780, 850, or 980 nm
  • Isolation up to 38 dB
  • FC/APC Con...
Single Mode ST/PC Con...

ST/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode

  • Bayonet-Style Connector
  • Ø125 µm Central Bore
  • Spring-Loaded, Ceramic Ferules
  • Maximum Concentricity of ...
Vacuum Grease and Epoxy

Vacuum Grease and Vacuum Epoxy

  • Vacuum-Compatible Grease to 10-9 Torr
  • Vacuum Epoxy Seals Leaks Down to 10-9 Torr
  • Excellent for Vacuum and Non...
GANYMEDE 930 nm OCT S...

Ganymede 930 nm OCT System

  • Cross-Sectional and Volumertic Imaging
Standard Glass-Clad S...

0.22 NA Silica Core, Glass Clad Multimode Optical Fiber, Step Index

  • 0.22 NA Fiber with Ø50, Ø105, or Ø200 µm Core
  • 250 - 1200 nm or 400 -...
Doped Mid-IR Fluoride...

Mid-Infrared Optical Fiber and Fiber Patch Cables

  • Single Mode, Multimode, Doped, and High-Power Options
  • Transmissive from the UV up to 5.5 µ...
NIR Fiber Isolators (...

NIR Fiber Optic Isolators with PM Fiber (770 - 990 nm)

  • Center Wavelengths: 780 or 980 nm
  • Isolation up to 38 dB
  • OEM and Build-to-Order Fibe...
Galvo Mirror Systems: ...

Small Beam Diameter Scanning Galvo Mirror Systems

  • For Small (< 5 mm) Beam Diameters
  • Choice of Mirror Coatings
  • 1D and 2D Kits Available
  • Easy Integration into OEM Sy...
20 mA to 4 A Current ...

20 mA - 4 A Laser Diode Drivers

  • Constant Current or Constant PowerDriving of Laser Diodes
  • Extremely Low Noise
  • Compatible with all Laser Diod...
Polarization Maintain...

Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fibers

  • Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) 30 dB over 100 m
  • Undoped Pure Silica Core & Cladding
  • Te...
MM Pigtailed Laser Dio...

Pigtailed Laser Diodes, MM Fiber

  • 405 nm, 635 nm, or 660 nm Center Wavelength
  • 1 m of MM Fiber Terminated with FC/PC or SMA Connector
  • Custom P...
Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings

  • Allows Easy Mounting of Optical Components
  • Compatible with Our Line of Lens Tubes and Mounts
  • Stress-Free and Plastic Vesions...
Optical Spectrum Anal...

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

  • Dual-Function Broadband Spectrometer and Wavelength Meter
  • Spectral Range: 350-1100 nm, 600-1700nm, 1000-2500nm, or...

Rigid, Lightweight, Non-Isolating Support Frame

  • Rigid Beadboard Support
  • All Steel Construction
  • Sorbothane Damping Pads Between Tabletop and ...

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