OCT Fiber Collimators

OCT Collimators

  • Collimation/Coupling Package with Aspheric Lens Element
  • Diffraction Limited Performance at 1310 nm
  • Broadband AR Coating: 105...
Visible Fiber Isolator...

Visible Fiber Optic Isolators with SM Fiber (650 - 670 nm)

  • Center Wavelength at 660 nm
  • Isolation ≥25 dB
  • Unconnectorized SM Fiber
  • OEM and ...
1560 nm fs Fiber Lasers

1560 nm Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

  • Lasing Centered at 1560 nm
  • <90 fs Pulse Width
  • 100 MHz or 250 MHz Repetition Rate with External Sync Option
HeNe SM2 Lens Tube Ad...

HeNe to 60 mm Cage System Adapter Plate

  • Mount Ø1.75" HeNe Laser in 60mm Cage Systems
  • SM2 (2.035"-40) Lens Tube and Ø1/2" and Ø1" Post Comp...
Single Channel, T-Cube

T-Cube Laser Source (Power Supply Not Included)

  • Two Available Wavelength Models:635 nm and 1550 nm
  • Single Mode Interface with FC/PC Connector...
Single Mode Dispersio...

Dispersion Compensating Fiber

  • Dispersion-Compensating SM Fiber for Telecom Wavelengths (1500 - 1625 nm)
  • DCF38 is Specifically Designed to Co...
Electrical and Fiber ...

Electrical and Fiber Optic Cable Management

  • Cable Management Products for Electrical and Fiber Optic Cables
  • Retention, Organization, Labeling...
Multimode Single Chann...

Multimode Single-Channel Fiber-Coupled Laser Source

  • Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser Source
  • 50 mW Output Power
  • Ideal for Optogenetics Applicati...
Pigtailed Laser Diodes...

Pigtailed Laser Diodes, Butterfly Package

  • Intergrated TEC Element
  • FC/APC Terminated
  • Center Wavelength Between 940 nm and 2000 nm
1" Pedestal Posts

Ø1.0" (Ø25 mm) Pedestal Pillar Posts

  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction
  • 8-32 (M4) or 1/4"-20 (M6) Taps on Both Ends
Rail Joiner for 25 mm ...

Rail Joiner for 25 mm Rails

  • Extend Existing Rail Segments
  • Four Pieces Ensure Straight Alignment
Single Mode LC/PC Con...

LC/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode

  • Snap-In Connector
  • Ø126 µm Central Bore
  • Spring-Loaded, Ceramic Ferules
  • Maximum Concentricity of 1 µm
IR Fiber Isolators (P...

IR Fiber Optic Isolators with PM Fiber (1290 - 2010 nm)

  • Center Wavelengths at 1310, 1550, or 2000 nm
  • Isolation up to 40 dB
  • FC/APC Connecto...
Ø1.5" Post Basics

Ø1.5" Post Basics

  • Solid Stainles Steel Construction
  • Stackable Design Provides Flexibility for Rigid Structures
  • Wide Range of Accessories Av...
25 mm Optical Construc...

25 mm Optical Construction Rails

  • Build Enclosures and Other Rigid Mechanical Assemble
  • Stock Lengths: 9" to 48" and 225 - 1200 mm
  • Custom Rail...
Sorbothane Isolators

Sorbothane Isolators

  • Passive Vibration and Acoustic isolation Material
  • Excellent for Vibration Isolation for Breadboards or Equipment
  • Useful...
Mini-Series Posts

Mini-Series Posts

  • Precision Ground Stainless Steel Posts
  • 4-40 (M3) Tapped Hole in Base and Removable Stud in Top
  • Ideal for Miniature and OEM...

Breadboard Feet and Pads

  • Help Stabilize Your Breadboards
  • Reduce Shock
  • Useful for Uneven Surfaces
Ø1/2" Post Holders

Ø1/2" Post Holders

  • Precision Wide, Square Relief Provides a Highly Stable Two-Line Contact with the Mating Post
  • Each Post Holder Includes On...
Motorized Filter Wheel

Stepper-Motor-Driven Filter Wheels

  • 6-Position Wheel for Ø1" Optics
  • Remote or Manual Operation
  • Programmable Filter Sequences
100 mm Optical Delay ...

100 mm Optical Delay Line Kit

  • Delay Steps as Short as 3.3fs over a 666.6ps Range
  • Computer Controlled by Included apt™ Software
  • High-Speed ...
Ø1.5" Translating Posts

Adjustable Height Ø1.5" P-Post

  • Continuously Variable Height Adjustment Ranging from 4.24"(108mm) to 5.74"(146mm)
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • C...
Dual-Channel Benchtop ...

Optical Power and Energy Meter, Dual-Channel Benchtop Console

  • Power and Energy Measurements for Free Space and Fiber
  • Large 240 x 128 Pixel Gr...
iColor Fluoro-Chromat...

iColor® Fluoro-Chromatic Imaging Cytometer

  • Fluoro-Chromatic Imaging Laser-Scanning Cytometer
  • Includes Three Integrated Lasers for Simultane...
Leveling Posts

Adjustable Height Ø1.5" P-Post

  • Continuously Variable Height Adjustment Ranging from 4.24" (108mm) to 5.74" (146mm)
  • Solid Steel Construction ...
6-80 Adjustment

Hex Adjusters, 6-80 Fine

  • Adjuster Lengths from 0.45" to 1.13"
  • 0.0125" Travel per Revolution
SM05 Compatible Fixed ...

SM05-Compatible Fixed Mounts

  • 0.535"-40 Threading
  • Mount SM05 Lens Tubes
  • Mount Ø1/2" (Ø12.7mm) Optics
Acerra Series Multipho...

Acerra Series Multiphoton Microscopes

  • Flexible Multiphoton Workstation
Unanodized Solid Alumi...

Unanodized Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboards

  • Unanodized Finish for Use in Vacuum Applicaions
  • Through-Tapped Mounting Holes
  • Custom Sizes Ava...
Digital Handheld Powe...

Digital Handheld Laser Power and Energy Meter Console

  • Power and Energy Measurements for Free Space and Fiber Applications
  • Designed for High A...

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