Saturated Absorption S...

Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Systems

  • Ideal for Lasers Locking or Teaching Labs
  • Rubidium or Potassium Vapor Cells Available Separately
8 mm Travel, Differen...

Manual Drives, 8 mm Travel

  • High Precision Differential Adjusters
  • Modular Drives for NanoMax Stages
  • 3/8" (9.5 mm) Barrel Mounting Drives for...
Splice-Ready Connectors

Splice-Ready Connectors

  • Splice-Ready FC/PC, FC/APC, or LC/PC Connector with Splice Protector Sleeve
  • No Polishing or Epoxy Needed
  • Wavelength ...
Water Cooled Breadboard

Water-Cooled Breadboard

  • Water-Cooled Work Surface
  • Standard Imperial or Mertic Hole Pattern
  • Can Also be Used for Heating
Photomultiplier Modules

Photomultiplier Modules

  • Bialkali (280 - 630 nm) or Multialkali (280 - 850 nm) Photocathode
  • Head-On PMT Configuration with Circular Dynode Cha...
Ø1/2" Specialty Post...

Ø1/2" Specialty Post Holders

  • Two-Line Contact with Mounting Post for Stability
  • Close-Approach Post Holders Allow Two Ø1/2" Posts to Touch ...
Calibrated Photodiodes

Calibrated Photodiodes

  • Si, Ge, and InGaAs Photodiodes Available
  • NIST Traceable
  • Photodiodes Shipped with Calibration Curves
Ø1/2" Optical Posts

Stainless Steel Optical Posts: Ø1/2", Ø12.7 mm, and Ø12 mm

  • Precision Ground Stainless Steel Posts
  • 1/4"-20 (M6) Tapped Hole in Base, 8-32(M...
Aluminum Screens

Aluminum Protective Screens

  • Anodized Aluminum Barriers
  • Finished to Ensure Consistently High Diffusion
  • Four Size Options
Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic Table Cover

  • 12" x 18" (30.5 cm x 45.7 cm) Magnetic Sheets
  • Easy to Cut with Scissors
  • Matte Black
Construction Tools for...

Construction Tools for 25 mm Rails

  • Customize 25mm Rails in Your Own Machine Shop
  • Drill Guide Helps Build Rigid, Square Corners
  • Taps and Tap ...
Gibraltar® for Zeiss...

Gibraltar® Platfrom for Zeiss Axioskop FS

  • Ultra-Stable Platform for Electrophysiology Research
  • Options for Manual or Motorized Control
  • Open...
High Power UV Curing ...

High Power UV Curing LED System

  • Customizable Exposure Times and Intensities
  • User Calibration for Reproducible Exposure
  • 10 Customizable Profi...
Passive Breadboard Is...

Passive Benchtop Isolation Systems

  • Iso-Plates Provide All-in-One Passive Isolation for Breadboards
  • Standard and heavy-Duty Pneumatic Isolator...
SM3-Threaded Iris

SM3-Threaded Iris

  • Lever Actuated Iris Aperture
  • 3.035"-40 Threaded Housing
  • Ø50 mm (Ø1.97") Maximum Aperture
Chip on Submount Lase...

Chip on Submount Laser Diodes

  • Ideal for OEM Applications
  • 785, 1310, 1550, 1625, 1650,or 2000 nm Center Wavelengths
780/1560 nm fs Fiber ...

T-Light 780 nm and 1560 nm Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

  • Ideal for OEM Integration
  • Two Wavelengths: 780 or 1560 nm
  • 100 MHz Repetition Rate
Power Meter Bundles

Optical Power Meter Kits

  • Kits Include Meter, Sensor, and Post Assembly
  • Digital or Analog Meter
  • Wavelengths form 200 nm to 25 µm
  • Power from...
Motorized Filter Flip...

Motorized Filter Flip Mounts

  • 90° Flipping Between Two Positions
  • Accepts up to Two Optic Holders
  • Controlled using Button, Handset, External ...
LED Array Lamps

LED Array Light Sources

  • LED light Sources with Intensities up to 4.0 mW/cm2
  • Operating Lifetime up to 100,000 Hours
  • Four Colors Available
Ball Bearing Mechanism

1" (25 mm) Travel Translation Stages

  • 3"x4" Stage with 1/4"-20 Mounting Holes
  • Modular Design for 1-,2- or 3-Axis Stages
  • 90 lbs. Horizontal Lo...
Conductive Coating an...

Conductive Epoxy, Tape, and Coating

  • Conductive Silver Epoxy
  • Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Tape
  • Conductive Colloidal Graphite Coating
Mid-IR Fluoride Fiber

Mid-Infrared Optical Fiber and Fiber Patch Cables

  • Single Mode, Multimode, Doped, and High-Power Options
  • Transmissive from the UV up to 5.5 µ...
Scan Lenses for OCT S...

Scan Lenses for Laser Scanning Microscopy

  • Ideal for 633, 850, 1050, and 1315 nm Imaging Systems
  • Uniform Optical Path length and Spot Size
  • 1...


  • Long Imaging Range of Over 12mm
  • Imaging Speed of 100kHz
MM ST Connectors, Sta...

ST®/PC Fiber Connectors: Multimode, Stainless Steel or Ceramic Ferrule

  • Bayonet-Style Connectors
  • Ø127 µm or Ø144 µm Central Bore
  • Ceramic...
TO Can Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes, Ø5.6 mm, Ø9 mm, and Ø9.5 mm TO Cans

  • Ø5.6 mm, Ø9 mm, and Ø9.5 mm Laser Diodes
  • Center Wavelengths Ranging from 375 - 1650 n...
Ø1.5" Post Basics

Ø1.5" Post Basics

  • Solid Stainles Steel Construction
  • Stackable Design Provides Flexibility for Rigid Structures
  • Wide Range of Accessories Av...
Polarization Insensit...

OCT Balanced Detectors

  • Models Available with Bandwidths up to 1.6 GHz
  • Wavelength Covering the 320 to 1700 nm Range
  • 25 dB Common Mode Rejecti...
SM05 Compatible Transl...

SM05 Compatible Translation Mounts

  • 0.535"-40 Threading
  • Mount SM05 Lens Tubes
  • Mount Ø1/2" (Ø12.7mm) Optics

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