Vacuum Grease and Epoxy

Vacuum Grease and Vacuum Epoxy

  • Vacuum-Compatible Grease to 10-9 Torr
  • Vacuum Epoxy Seals Leaks Down to 10-9 Torr
  • Excellent for Vacuum and Non...
Slant Edge MTF Target

Slant Edge MTF Target

  • Slant Edge Test Target Evaluates Spatial Frequency Response of Imaging System
  • L-Shaped 5° Slanted Edge and Ronchi Rul...
Bases / Ø1/2" Post H...

Mechanical Essentials Kit: ESK01

  • Kit contains 100 Pieces
  • Stackable, Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Cabinet Frame
  • Cabinet Frame can be Wall Mounted ...
1- and 2-Axis Goniomet...

Goniometer Stages

  • Pure Rotational Motion About a Fixed point Above the Stage
  • 1° Graduation Markings on Side
  • Accuracy of 10 arcmin
Gibraltar® Platfrom f...

Gibraltar® Platfrom for Leica

  • Ultra-Stable Platform for Electrophysiology Research
  • Options for Manual or Motorized Control
  • Open Design allo...
Digital Handheld Powe...

Digital Handheld Laser Power and Energy Meter Console

  • Power and Energy Measurements for Free Space and Fiber Applications
  • Designed for High A...

Mach-Zehnder Type Interferometer

  • OCT-Proven Clock for Swept Source Systems
  • Compact Design that Allows Subassembly Integration
  • Several Wavele...
Aluminum Screens

Aluminum Protective Screens

  • Anodized Aluminum Barriers
  • Finished to Ensure Consistently High Diffusion
  • Four Size Options
TELESTO-II 1300 nm and...

Telesto-II 1300 nm and 1325 nm OCT Systems

  • Cross-Sectional and Volumertic Imaging
Scan Lenses for OCT S...

Scan Lenses for Laser Scanning Microscopy

  • Ideal for 633, 850, 1050, and 1315 nm Imaging Systems
  • Uniform Optical Path length and Spot Size
  • 1...
Fiber Optic Circulators

OCT Broadband Fiber Optic Circulators

  • Polarization Independent
  • 1280-1400 nm Opertaing Wavelength Range
  • SMF-28e+ Fiber Pigtails with FC/APC C...
Microscope Slide Powe...

Microscope Slide Power Meter Sensor Head

  • Measure Power at the Sample
  • Large-Area Diode to Collect Light from High NA Objectives
  • 20mm x 20mm I...
SM05 Compatible Transl...

SM05 Compatible Translation Mounts

  • 0.535"-40 Threading
  • Mount SM05 Lens Tubes
  • Mount Ø1/2" (Ø12.7mm) Optics
Balldrivers / Hex Keys

Balldrivers / Hex Keys

  • Wide Range of Tools and Convenient Tool Holders Available
  • Essential Balldrivers and Hex Keys for Everday Use
  • Quality ...
SM1-Compatible Rotati...

SM1 Compatible Rotation Mounts

  • Mount SM1 (Ø1.035"-40) Lens Tubes or Ø1" (Ø25.4 mm) Optics
  • Ø1/2" Optic Rotation Mount with External SM1 T...
Sorbothane Isolators

Sorbothane Isolators

  • Passive Vibration and Acoustic isolation Material
  • Excellent for Vibration Isolation for Breadboards or Equipment
  • Useful...
Single-/Multi-Axis Fi...


  • Building Blocks for Fiber-to-Fiber Coupling Systems
  • Single-Axis and Multi-Axis FiberBenches Available
  • Stable Platform for Easy ...
Ø1" Post Holders

Ø1" (25 mm) Post Holders

  • Holds Ø1" (25 mm) RS Pillar Posts
  • Flexure Design Provides Stability
  • Pedestal Base
Low Insertion Loss SM...

Low-Insertion-Loss Single Mode Patch Cables

  • Typical Insertion Loss:0.3 dB to 0.9 dB (Wavelength Specific)
  • SM Patch Cables for320-430 nm, 405-...
Conductive Coating an...

Conductive Epoxy, Tape, and Coating

  • Conductive Silver Epoxy
  • Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Tape
  • Conductive Colloidal Graphite Coating

Breadboard Feet and Pads

  • Help Stabilize Your Breadboards
  • Reduce Shock
  • Useful for Uneven Surfaces
Stabilized Tungsten-Ha...

Stabilized Broadband Light Sources

  • Fiber-Coupled Light Sources for 300 - 2600 nm or 450 - 5500 nm
  • Stabilized Color Temperature and Output Pow...
Ø1.5" Post Basics

Ø1.5" Post Basics

  • Solid Stainles Steel Construction
  • Stackable Design Provides Flexibility for Rigid Structures
  • Wide Range of Accessories Av...
Hollow Core PCF

Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

  • Zero Dispersion Close to Design Wavelength
  • Operating Bandwidth ±10% of Design Wavelength
  • Modal Index ...
1560 nm fs Fiber Lasers

1560 nm Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

  • Lasing Centered at 1560 nm
  • <90 fs Pulse Width
  • 100 MHz or 250 MHz Repetition Rate with External Sync Option
Clamping Forks

Base Adapters and Clamping Forks

  • 3 Models to Choose From
  • CF125 & CF175 Constructed from Solid Stainless Steel
  • PF175 Designed Specifically fo...
1.5 mm Manual + Piezo

Single-Axis Flexure Translation Stages: 1.5 mm Travel

  • Flexure design-No Friction or Sticking
  • Thumbscrew Adjuster and 25 µm Piezo Actuator
  • M...
1" (25 mm) &amp; 2" (50 m...

Manual Drives, 1" and 2" Differential Actuators

  • Compatible With A Wide Range of Stages
  • Coarse Travel & High Resolution Adjuster in One Packag...
Yb-Doped PM Fiber

Rare Earth Doped PM Fibers

  • Polarization-Maintaining Highly Doped Ytterbium Fibers
  • High Birefringence
  • Low Nonlinear Effects
  • Low Photo Darken...
Partial Reflector Pat...

Beamsplitter-Coated Fiber Optic Patch Cables

  • Single Mode or Multimode Fiber Optic 50:50 Partial Reflectors
  • Coating Ranges from 450-2400 nm
  • F...

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