One-Tab C-Mount Laser...

One-Tab C-Mount Laser Diodes

  • Ideal for High-Power and OEM Applications
  • Single Mode and Multimode Versions
  • 785, 1208, or 2000 nm Central Wave...
Adjustable Ø1" Lens ...

Adjustable Lens Tubes, SM1 Compatible

  • Translate Ø1/2" Optics,Ø1" Optics, or Ø1" Lens Tubes Along the Optical Axis
  • Rotating or Non-Rotating...
Ø1.5" Post Basics

Ø1.5" Post Basics

  • Solid Stainles Steel Construction
  • Stackable Design Provides Flexibility for Rigid Structures
  • Wide Range of Accessories Av...
Ø1.5" Damped Post

Ø1.5" Damped Post

  • Dynamically Damped Ø1.5" Post Provides Fast Ring Down
  • Nickel-Plated Steel with a Matte Finish
  • Permanent Mounting Base wi...
Mounted LEDs

Mounted High-Power LEDs

  • UV, Visible, and NIR Models
  • Optimized Heat Management Results in Stable Output
  • Internal SM1 Threading
  • Collimator Ad...
Single Mode ST/PC Con...

ST/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode

  • Bayonet-Style Connector
  • Ø125 µm Central Bore
  • Spring-Loaded, Ceramic Ferules
  • Maximum Concentricity of ...
Portable Optical Tweez...

Portable Optical Tweezers Educational Kit

  • Designed for Educational, Demonstration, and Classroom Use
  • Easy-to-Use Kit Includes All Components...
Ø1½” Post Mountin...

Ø1.5" Post Clamps with Tapped Mounting Surface

  • Modular Vertical Mounting Surface
  • Clamps Securely to Our Ø1.5" Posts
  • Generous Distribution ...
LEDs on Metal-Core PCB

High-Power LEDs on Metal Core PCB

  • UV, Visible, and NIR Models Available
  • High-Power LED Mounted on Meal-Core printed Circuit Board
  • Ideal for ...
Blackout Materials

Blackout Materials

  • Block Stray or Unwanted Light
  • Build Light-Tight Structures
  • Protect Light-Sensitive Equipment
Er-Doped Frequency Comb

Optical Frequency Synthesizer, Er-Doped

  • Fiber-Based Femtosecond Frequency COmb System
  • Patented Optical Frequency Comb Technology
  • Extension f...
Single Mode Fiber: 0....

Ultra-High NA Single Mode Fiber

  • 0.28 NA & 0.35 NA
  • High Coupling Efficiency to Planar Waveguides
  • Low Coupling Loss to Fluoride Fibers
  • Low Co...
Mini Lights

ScienceDesk Mini Light

  • Long-Lasting LED Light
  • Small Compact Design
  • Easy to Use
Lab Lighting

ScienceDesk Mini Light

  • Long-Lasting LED Light
  • Small Compact Design
  • Easy to Use
Swept Source Lasers

Rapidly Swept Tunable Laser

  • Center Wavelength: 1325 nm
  • Broad 3 dB Wavelength Range: 125 nm
  • Designed for Swept-Source OCT and OEM Application...
Superluminescent Diode...

Superluminescent Diodes (SLDs)

  • Broadband Emission Centered at 1050, 1280, 1310, or 1550 nm
  • Near-Gaussian Spectrum
  • Low Ripple
  • Butterfly or ...
Nd:YAG Fiber Isolator...

Nd:YAG Fiber Optic Isolators with PM Fiber (1064 nm)

  • Center Wavelength at 1064 nm
  • Isolation up to 47 dB
  • FC/APC Connectorized o Unconnector...
Acerra Series Multipho...

Acerra Series Multiphoton Microscopes

  • Flexible Multiphoton Workstation
Multimode Single Chann...

Multimode Single-Channel Fiber-Coupled Laser Source

  • Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser Source
  • 50 mW Output Power
  • Ideal for Optogenetics Applicati...
Thulium-Doped Optical...

Thulium-Doped Single Mode and Large-Mode-Area Optical Fibers

  • Thulium-Doped Fiber for Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers
  • Broad 1.9 - 2.1 µm Emissio...
Vacuum Grease and Epoxy

Vacuum Grease and Vacuum Epoxy

  • Vacuum-Compatible Grease to 10-9 Torr
  • Vacuum Epoxy Seals Leaks Down to 10-9 Torr
  • Excellent for Vacuum and Non...
Liquid Crystal Noise E...

Noise Eaters / Laser Amplitude Stabilizers

  • Laser Amplitude Stabilizer/ Variable Attenuator
  • Models with Wavelength Ranges Covering 425 - 1620 ...
LD / TEC Controller a...

Complete Laser Diode Operation Starter Set

  • Bundles LD Controller, TEC COntroller, LD Mount, and Accessories
  • Ideal for Stable and Safe Operati...
Single Channel, Benchtop

Single Channel, Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources

  • Single Mode FC/PC Interface
  • Low Noise, Highly Stable Output
  • Front Panel Control of Laser Power

Rigid, Lightweight, Non-Isolating Support Frame

  • Rigid Beadboard Support
  • All Steel Construction
  • Sorbothane Damping Pads Between Tabletop and ...
Optical Tables, 210 m...

Optical Tables, 210 mm Thick

  • 210 mm (8.3") Thickness
  • Superior Flatness, Compliance and Construction Quality
  • Machined Matte Finish with Holes...
Low-Profile Screws an...

Low-Profile Channel Screws and T-Nuts

  • Low-Profile Channel Screws Feature Reduced Cap Height
  • Spring-Loaded Thumbscrews
  • T-Nuts Accept 8-32, 1/...
Wireless Power Meter ...

Wireless Si Sensor Power Meter

  • Self-Contained Sensor and Power Meter with Built-In Graphical Display
  • Ultra-Slim Silicon Sensor for the 400 to...
Gibraltar® for Olymp...

Gibraltar® Platform for Olympus

  • Ultra-Stable Platform for Electrophysiology Research
  • Optional for Manual or Motorized Control
  • Open Design a...


  • Black Masking Tape
  • Color Vinyl Tape
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Conductive and Insulating Tapes

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