AR-Coated SM Patch Cables


AR-Coated Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cables

  • One AR-Coated Connector for Fiber-to-Free Space Applications
  • One Uncoated Connector for Fiber-to-Fiber Connections
  • AR Coating Improves System Transmission and Reduces Back Reflections
  • FC/PC and FC/APC Connectors Available


  • One AR-Coated FC/PC or FC/APC Connector for Fiber-to-Free Space Use
  • Ideal for Use with Our Fiber Collimation Packages and FiberPorts to Minimize Fresnel Losses
  • AR Coating Improves Return Loss
  • One Uncoated FC/PC or FC/APC Connector for Fiber-to-Fiber Connection

Thorlabs offers patch cables with a single, antireflection-coated FC/PC or FC/APC connector on one side and an uncoated FC/PC or FC/APC connector on the other. The AR coating is designed to minimize reflections when either launching a free-space beam out of a fiber or coupling a free-space beam into a fiber. Depending on the cable selected, the coated connector provides an average reflectivity of either <0.75% or <0.5% over the designated AR coating ranges (click on the AR Coating Reflectivity graphs in the tables below for more information). Each of these cables features Ø3 mm Kevlar reinforced furcation tubing (FT030-Y).

Fiber-to-Free Space Coupling
When coupling from a fiber into free space, such as when using one of our fiber collimators or FiberPort collimators/couplers, the return loss (absence of signals reflected back to the source by the glass-air interface at the end of the fiber) will be worse than comparable values for fiber-to-fiber coupling. By depositing an AR coating on the fiber end face, the return loss of an FC/PC connector can be improved by ~8 - 10 dB, and the return loss of an FC/APC connector can be improved by ~2 - 5 dB. For example, in our testing, a cable with an uncoated FC/PC connector has a typical return loss of ~15 dB (3.16%), while an AR-coated FC/PC connector with the same fiber has an improved return loss of ~24 dB (0.40%). AR-coated connectors also increase transmission when coupling a free-space beam into a fiber. For more testing data, please see the Lab Facts tab.

Note: The AR-coated end is meant for free-space applications (e.g., collimation) and will be damaged if it comes into contact with another connector tip. Mating two AR-coated connectors can increase back reflections, causing a greater loss of transmission than when just using two uncoated connectors.

Custom-coated patch cables are also available. Contact Tech Support for more details. For shorter wavelengths, Thorlabs also offers Low-Insertion-Loss Patch Cables, which feature handpicked single mode fiber with tighter core concentricity specifications for lower insertion loss and higher transmission. If you cannot find the appropriate stock patch cable your application requires, Thorlabs also offers custom-connectorized patch cables with same-day shipping.



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