Polarization Maintaining PCF


Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fibers

  • Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) >30 dB over 100 m
  • Undoped Pure Silica Core & Cladding
  • Temperature Sensitivity 30x Lower than that of Other Leading Stress-Birefringent Fibers

Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber



  • Beat Length
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) > 30 dB over 100 m
  • Temperature Sensitivity 30x Lower than that of Other Leading Stress-Birefringent Fibers
  • Undoped Pure Silica Core and Cladding
  • Near-Gaussian Mode Profile (Ellipticity ~1.5)

NKT Photonics offers Polarization-Maintaining (PM) photonic crystal fibers that incorporate a non-circular core in combination with the large refractive index step between air and glass; this creates strong form birefringence. The result can be a shorter beat length that reduces the bend-induced coupling between polarization states compared with conventional PM fibers, and a much reduced thermal sensitivity of birefringence. The temperature coefficient of birefringence of these fibers is up to 30 times less than that of other leading stress-birefringent fibers.


Endlessly Single Mode, Large-Mode-Area, Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber



  • Polarization Maintaining (PM)
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) >20 dB over 100 m
  • Mode Field Diameter Independent of Wavelength
  • Undoped Pure Silica Core and Cladding
  • Ø5 µm, Ø10 µm, and Ø15 µm Core Sizes Available

Thorlabs offers a selection of Endlessly Single Mode (ESM), Large-Mode-Area (LMA), PM Photonic Crystal Fibers (PCFs). A conventional single mode fiber is actually multimode for wavelengths shorter than the second-mode cutoff wavelength, limiting the useful operating wavelength range in many applications. In contrast, Crystal Fibre's endlessly single mode PCFs are truly single mode at all wavelengths for which fused silica is transparent.

In practice, the useful operating wavelength range is limited only by bend loss. Although the cladding possesses six-fold symmetry, the mode profile is very similar to the quasi-Gaussian fundamental mode of a conventional, axially symmetric, step-index fiber, resulting in a form overlap that is >90%. Unlike conventional fibers, these fibers are fabricated from a single material: undoped, high-purity, fused silica glass. The PM performance is achieved via stress rod applied birefringence. The combination of material and very large mode area enables high power levels to be transmitted through the fiber without material damage or the adverse effects caused by the fiber's nonlinear properties.


Highly Nonlinear PM PCF for 800 nm Pump Lasers



  • Polarization Beat Length at 1550 nm is typically
  • DGD at 1550 nm is typically 2 ns/km
  • Nonlinear Coefficient 54 (W·km)-1 (cf 1.1 (W·km)-1 for SMF-28e+ at 1550 nm)
  • Near-Gaussian Mode Profile, Ellipticity of 1.13 at 830 nm

NKT Photonics' polarization-maintaining (PM) highly nonlinear photonic crystal fibers guide light in a small solid silica core, surrounded by a microstructure cladding formed by a periodic arrangement of air holes in the silica. The optical properties of the core closely resemble those of a slightly elliptical rod of glass suspended in air; this results in a strong confinement of the light, a large nonlinear coefficient, and a substantial splitting of the effective indices of the polarization modes. The zero-dispersion (ZD) wavelength has been chosen for use with Ti:Sapphire laser sources, but the dispersion is also anomalous at the fundamental Neodymium wavelength (1060 nm).


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