Highly Doped Erbium Fibers


Highly Doped Erbium Fibers

  • Minimize Required Fiber Lengths
  • Reduced Nonlinear Effects
  • Provides Strong Amplification, High Efficiency, Broad & Flat Gain Profile



  • Excellent Geometrics Properties Provide Very Low Birefringence and Excellent Splice Characteristics
  • Core/Cladding Concentricity ≤0.5 µm
  • Dual Acrylate Coating
  • Splice Loss to SM Fiber of Pump Laser ≤0.1 dB
  • Splice Loss to SMF-28 Fiber ≤0.15 dB

Thorlabs offers a wide range of highly doped erbium fibers suitable for fiber lasers and amplifiers operating in the 1530 to 1610 nm wavelength region. These fibers cover broad application fields ranging from telecommunication amplifiers (EDFAs) to high power PON/CATV boosters and ultra-short pulse amplifiers used in instrumentation, industrial and medical applications. Large-Mode-Area (LMA) Double Cladding Erbium fibers are also available on request. These highly doped fibers have a core size from 20 to 30 µm with a 125 µm cladding.



Item #Peak Core
Er16-8/125 16 ± 3 dBma 1100 - 1400 nm
Er30-4/125 30 ± 3 dBma 800 - 980 nm
Er80-4/125 80 ± 8 dBma 800 - 980 nm
Er80-8/125 80 ± 8 dBma 1100 - 1400 nm
Er110-4/125 110 ± 10 dBma 800 - 980 nm
M5-980-125 4.5 - 5.5 dBmb 900 - 970 nm
M12-980-125 11 - 13 dBmb 900 - 970 nm
  • Measured at 1530 nm
  • Measured at 980 nm



Erbium Doped C- and L-Band Fibers Applications

Erbium doped fiber amplifier technology continues to progress at an astonishing rate with commercial systems now in routine service around the globe. With the ever increasing demand for extra bandwidth the development and deployment of amplifiers operating in the 'L-band' has been rapid and extensive.

MetroGain™ - "A Fiber Optimized For Use In The 'L - Band"
To shift the gain curve into the 'L-band' long gain sections have conventionally been required. These could be over 100 meters in length providing both fiber management and cost issues. MetroGain™ has a new core composition with increased erbium concentration. At the pump wavelength of 980nm the absorption is of the order of 12 dB/m. The co-dopants incorporated in the fiber core ensure that with the relatively high levels of rare earth negligible clustering occurs. The result is a high absorption high efficiency erbium doped fiber. The gain profile is intrinsically flat. The NA for this fiber is in the range 0.21 - 0.23. This has been found to give good modal overlap of the pump with the doped region of the fiber whilst still maintaining excellent splice characteristics.

High Power Short 'C-Band' Amplifiers
The fiber has been evaluated in an amplifier incorporating a very high power nominally 1480 nm pump source. The pump input into the gain section was in excess of 1.5 W. An output of 28.5 dB/m was achieved with an input comprising four signals loading the amplifier with a total of 11.5 dB/m. The inputs were between 1545 and 1560 nm. The length of gain fiber required to achieve this was less than 5 meters.

Fiber Lasers And ASE Sources.
The high absorption of the MetroGain™ makes it an ideal choice for fiber lasers and ASE sources. Very short cavity lengths for fiber lasers can be realized and consequently pulse distortion is minimized.

Stocked Highly Doped Erbium Fibers

Liekki Er16-8/125 is a large mode area (LMA) erbium-doped fiber suitable for high power output amplifiers. Good spliceability, excellent power conversion efficiency, and excellent spectral reproducibility and consistency make this fiber the choice for today's high power output amplifiers used for example in CATV and PON applications.

Liekki Er30-4/125 is a highly doped erbium fiber designed for C and L-band amplifiers and ASE sources. This fiber has demonstrated the highest power conversion efficiency available in L-band: better than 50% for a typical fiber length of 20 m.

Liekki Er80-4/125 is a very highly doped erbium fiber for fiber lasers and amplifiers. High erbium concentration reduces required application fiber length considerably while providing strong gain and reduced non-linear effects.

Liekki Er80-8/125 is a large mode area single mode erbium doped fiber suitable for high power amplifiers and lasers. Good spliceability, high doping and large core makes this fiber ideal for high peak power pulse amplification in the eye-safe 1.5 μm wavelength region. Fiber can be used also with 980 nm pumps.

Liekki Er110-4/125 is a highly doped erbium fiber for fiber lasers. High erbium concentration reduces required application fiber length while providing strong gain and reduced non-linear effects.


Item #Mode Field
Peak Core
Er16-8/125 9.5 ± 0.8 μma 16 ± 3 dB/md 0.13 (Nom) 1100 - 1400 nm 125 ± 2 μm 245 ± 15 μm
Er30-4/125 6.5 ± 0.5 μma 30 ± 3 dB/md 0.2 ± 0.02 (Nom) 800 - 980 nm 125 ± 2 μm 245 ± 15 μm
Er80-4/125 6.5 ± 0.5 μma 80 ± 8 dB/md 0.2 ± 0.02 (Nom) 800 - 980 nm 125 ± 2 μm 245 ± 15 μm
Er80-8/125 9.5 ± 0.8 μma 80 ± 8 dB/md 0.13 ± 0.02 (Nom) 1100 - 1400 nm 125 ± 2 μm 245 ± 15 μm
Er110-4/125 6.5 ± 0.5 μma 110 ± 10 dB/md 0.2 ± 0.02 (Nom) 800 - 980 nm 125 ± 2 μm 245 ± 15 μm
M5-980-125 3.5 μmb,c
5.9 μma
4.5 - 5.5dB/mb 0.22 - 0.24 900 - 970 nm 125 ± 1 μm 245 μm
M12-980-125 3.7 μmb,c
6.2 μma
11 - 13 dB/mb 0.21 - 0.23 900 - 970 nm 125 ± 1 μm 245 μm

a Measured at 1550 nm
b Measured at 980 nm

c The Mode Field Diameter is a nominal, calculated value, estimated at the operating wavelength(s) using typical value of numerical aperture and cut-off wavelength.
d Measured at 1530 nm


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