Photomultiplier Detection System


Photomultiplier Modules

  • Modular Design for up to 8 Channels
  • Broadband Spectral Response: 185 - 900 nm


  • Ideal for Laser Scanning Microscopy
  • Compatible with Thorlabs' Laser Scanning Essentials Kits
  • PMT Modules Expandable to up to 8 Channels
  • Included with Two-Channel Module
    • Two Multi-Alkali PMTs
    • Removable Fluorescence Filter Cube
    • SMA Fiber Adapter for Attaching Multimode Fiber Patch Cables
  • Stand-Alone Multi-Alkali PMT also Available
  • Broadband Spectral Response: 185 - 900 nm

Two-Channel (PMTSS2) and Single-Channel Add-On (PMTSS-SCM) PMTs
Thorlabs' Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Modules are designed for easy integration of PMT detection into imaging systems such as our Laser Scanning Essentials Kit. The PMTSS2 Two-Channel PMT Module consists of two multi-alkali standard sensitivity PMTs, a DFM dichroic filter cube insert, and a base. The filter insert enables easy exchange of dichroic mirror/emission filter sets. This configuration enables dual-channel detection of signals at two different wavelengths. The two multi-alkali PMTs incorporated into this module offer high detection efficiency with broad spectral response from 185 - 900 nm; plots of quantum efficiency and sensitivity vs. wavelength are shown on the Specs tab.

The input port of the filter block features SM1 (1.035"-40) threading, which is directly compatible with a wide array of Thorlabs' SM1 lens tubes and fiber collimation adapters. The module is provided with an SMA fiber connector for attaching an SMA-terminated multimode fiber patch cable. The base of the module is equipped with 1/4" (M6) slots for attachment to an imperial or metric optical table or breadboard. Due to the weight of the unit, we recommend placing it on a table or breadboard.

The number of detection channels can be increased by adding on our PMTSS2-SCM add-on modules. This allows the two-channel PMTSS2 modules to be expanded to as many as 8 detection channels, a limitation of the beam divergence associated with the fiber input.

Stand-Alone PMT Modules (PMTSS)
For those interested in purchasing the PMTs alone, we offer the PMTSS, which is the multi-alkali PMT detector without the filter block and base. The detectors have a C-mount internal thread. For compatibility with our SM1 lens tubes, the C-mount thread can be converted to external SM1 threads with our SM1A9 C-mount to SM1 adapter. For compatibility with a 30 mm cage system, an SM1T2 externally SM1-threaded coupler can be attached to the SM1A9, which is compatible with any of our SM1-threaded 30 mm cage plates. The photographs to the right show how the PMTSS may be attached to the end of a cage system.

All PMT modules include a power cable for wiring to a user-supplied 15 V power supply and 0.25 - 1 V variable gain control. Detector data output is supplied via BNC connector.



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