Photomultiplier Modules


Photomultiplier Modules

  • Bialkali (280 - 630 nm) or Multialkali (280 - 850 nm) Photocathode
  • Head-On PMT Configuration with Circular Dynode Chain
  • Housing is SM1, Cage, and Post Compatible


  • Two Spectral Ranges Available: 280 - 630 nm or 280 - 850 nm
  • Head-On Photomultiplier Tube Configuration
  • Electrostatic and Magnetic Shielding
  • Conversion Gain: 1 V/μA of Anode Current
  • Circular Dynode Chain Configuration
  • Housing Equipped with SM1 (1.035"-40) Threads
  • Housing has Four Threaded Holes for ER Series Cage Rods
  • Post-Mountable in Three Different Configurations
  • Power Supply with 120 and 230 V Plug Adapters Included
  • SMA Output
  • No HV Power Supply Needed
  • Tube Control Voltage Requires Variable (0 - 1.25 VDC) Supply (Not Included)


Item #PMM01PMM02
Photocathode Type Bialkali Multialkali (S20)
Photocathode Geometry Head-On
Dynode Chain Orientation Circular
Photocathode Active Diameter 22 mm
Wavelength Range 280 - 630 nm 280 - 850 nm
Gain (Max) 7.1 × 106 3.1 × 106
Peak Responsivity (Max) 86 mA/W 67 mA/W
Quantum Efficiency at Peak (Typ.) 28% at 400 nm 21% at 420 nm
Transimpediance Gain Hi-Z: 1 x 106 V/A
50 Ω: 5 x 105 V/A
Dark Current (@ 20oC) 0.3-3 nA 0.5-5 nA
Dark Count Rate (@ 20oC) 100 s-1 3000 s-1
Bandwidth (6 dB)a 0-20 kHz
Amplifier Noise (Typ.) 2 mV RMS
Amplifier Offset (Typ.) 1 mV
Output Rise and Fall Times 15 µs
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Output Signalb 0-10 V (unterminated)
0-5 V (terminated into 50 Ω)
Power Input +12 V (+12 to +15): 40 mA
-12 V (-12 to -15): 10 mA
Anode Current (Max) 100 μA
Tube Voltage (Anode to Cathode)c 0 to -1250 V
Tube Voltage Controld 0 to 1.25 V
HV Control Sensitivity -1000 V/V
Warm Up Time  
Output Connector SMA
Module Dimensions 3.66" x 1.6" x 2.46"
(92.9 mm x 40.6 mm x 62.5 mm)
Operating Temperature 5 to 55°C
Storage Temperature -40 to 55°C
Mounting Holes 8-32 (M4 on -EC version)
Weight (Power Supply) 1.1 kg (2.42 lbs)
Weight (PMT) 0.2 kg (0.5 lbs)
Window Characteristics
Material Borosilicate
Type Plano-Concave
Refractive Index 1.49
Potassium (K) 300 ppm
Thorium (Th) 250 ppm
Uranium (U) 100 ppm

a The bandwidth decreases with increased output signal levels
b The output signal should be below the maximum output voltage to avoid saturation. Use ND filters if necessary.
c If maximum anode current is exceeded, the PMT will be destroyed.
dTube Voltage (from cathode to anode across dynode chain) = -1000 x Tube Voltage Control, Variable (0 - 1.25 VDC,

Thorlabs offers two photomultiplier modules that combine a head-on photomultiplier tube (PMT) with a housing and a high-gain, DC-coupled, transimpedance amplifier: PMM01 for the 280 - 630 nm spectral range and PMM02 for the 280 - 850 nm spectral range. The PMM01 features a semitransparent bialkali photocathode and offers a higher gain, higher quantum efficiency for λ< 500 nm, and lower dark current than the PMM02 (click on the Specs Tab above for details), but it is useful over a smaller spectral range. Bialkali photocathodes are widely used for scintillation light detection since their sensitivity is well matched to the most common scintillator materials. In contrast, the PMM02 features a semitransparent multialkali (type S20) photocathode and offers a higher quantum efficiency for λ> 500 nm and wider spectral range than its counterpart. Multialkali photocathodes are commonly used for broadband spectrophotometers and photon counting applications.

Thorlabs' PMT modules feature built-in HV circuity, eliminating the need for the external HV power supplies typically required for PMT operation. By incorporating the HV circuity within the PMT module, Thorlabs' PMTs reduce costs, device footprint, and risk of electrical shock. The PMT modules are powered by a ±12 VDC power supply (included with 120 V and 230 V plug adapters). The tube control voltage is provided by a variable 0 - 1.25 VDC power supply, which is not included. The interface cable includes connections to the power supply and a 2.5 mm mono headphone plug and jack for wiring the tube control voltage supply.

Both modules are equipped with three 8-32 taps to enable post mounting in various orientations. One AS4M8E (8-32 to M4) adapter is included for metric compatibility. In addition, there are four tapped 4-40 holes on the front face of the module, making these modules compatible with our 30 mm cage systems (click on the Cage Compatibility Tab above for more information). These items are shipped with a protective cover over the PMT aperture. Once the cover is removed, the module has an internal SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded bore, making it compatible with our line of SM1 lens tubes. Therefore, imaging optics and filters can be easily mounted and centered on the photocathode of the PMT. Furthermore, by using lens tubes, stray and scattered light can be prevented from reaching the detector, which is particularly advantageous when working with weak or noisy signals.


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