Acerra Series Multiphoton Microscopes


Acerra Series Multiphoton Microscopes

  • Flexible Multiphoton Workstation

Modular, Scalable Microscopes for In Vitro and In Vivo Work

Thorlabs' Acerra Series of multiphoton microscopes represent a versatile, scalable solution to multiphoton microscopy. Consisting of an entirely separate Thorlabs-engineered optical path that is built onto the frame of an upright Nikon Eclipse FN1 research microscope, the Acerra Series enables a broad range of imaging capabilities.

The benefits of this architecture are two-fold. First, it allows our multiphoton scanning and detection optics to be specifically optimized for laser scanning with a near-infrared beam and maximal collection of the two-photon fluorescence signal. Second, it preserves the microscope's existing optical design so that accessories designed to take advantage of the FN1's widefield capabilities may be used without compromise.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Acerra Series can be readily configured to meet a range of experimental requirements, such as imaging cells seeded onto collagen scaffolds or monitoring small animals. Track multiple-labeled specimens with up to four ultrasensitive GaAsP PMTs (4 epi, or 2 epi + 2 forward). Our extended-field-of-view detector modules maximize the collection of the fluorescence signal from in vivo images, even when the fluorescence is scattered through hundreds of microns of tissue. Capture intracellular dynamics at up to 400 frames per second using our advanced resonant scanner technology. Take full advantage of the ever-evolving spectrum of fluorescent proteins with our proprietary extended-wavelength excitation optics.


  • Cancer Research
  • Developmental Biology
  • Disease Models
  • Intravital Microscopy
  • Neuroscience
  • Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine


  • One or Two Independent Scan Paths Enable High-Speed Imaging, High-Resolution Imaging, and Photoactivation Studies
  • Broadband Scan Optics for 680 - 1400 nm
  • Up to Four Non-Descanned PMT Detectors with Extended Fields of View and >45% Quantum Efficiency
  • Large Working Surface with Variable Height, Directly Underneath the Objective
  • Manual or Motorized XY Stages Move the Microscope with Down to 0.1 µm Resolution
  • Supports ThorImageLS™ and ScanImage Software


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