Multiphoton Essentials Kit


Multiphoton Essentials Kit

  • Microscope-Less Design for Imaging large Samples
  • Non-Descanned System


  • For Customers Building Their Own Multiphoton Microscopes
  • Acquire Images at up to 400 Frames per Second
  • Compact, Versatile Design Accommodates Large Specimens and Apparatuses
  • Two Ultrasensitive PMTs in Non-Descanned Geometry
  • Full Support for Two Image Acquisition Suites
    • ThorImageLS, Developed and Written by Thorlabs (See ThorImageLS Tab)
    • ScanImage 4.x, an Open-Source Suite
  • Includes Computer, Electronic Control Unit, and All Other Needed Accessories

Thorlabs' Multiphoton Essentials Kit helps customers build their own multiphoton microscopes. Consisting of a galvo-resonant scan head, NIR scan and tube lens combination, and two non-descanned PMTs in a single, preassembled enclosure, it incorporates many of the same technologies and components used by our Acerra, Bergamo, and Bergamo II Series Multiphoton Microscopes.

Our internally developed resonant scanner offers image scan rates up to 400 frames per second (512 x 32 pixels; see Specs tab for details). Once a femtosecond laser and suitable objective are added, the resulting system is ready to perform multiphoton experiments with two-channel detection.

This kit includes ThorImageLS, a software suite for acquiring images and video, and is fully supported by ScanImage 4.x, an open-source software package. ThorImageLS was developed side by side with our multiphoton microscopy platforms and is seamlessly integrated with our resonant scanner. It offers a workflow-oriented interface that guides you step by step through common scan types like Z series for volumetric scans, time series for dynamic scans, and image streaming, and saves the data directly as a lossless TIFF that is viewable in any image analysis program, like ImageJ or Fiji. It can also export image streams as animations in AVI format. For more information, please see the ThorImageLS tab.


Superb Performance

We started from a clean sheet of paper to design our multiphoton scanning and detection optics, allowing us to specifically optimize for laser scanning with a near-infrared beam and maximal collection of the two-photon fluorescence signal.


Non-Descanned PMT Detectors

Deriving more signal from fewer photons is the fundamental goal of any detection system. To this end, we employ ultrasensitive GaAsP PMTs. By positioning the PMTs immediately after the objective (a "non-descanned" geometry), light that is scattered by the sample still strikes the PMTs and adds to the collected signal. This is a unique benefit of multiphoton microscopy. Keeping the length of the optical path to a minimum greatly enhances overall detection efficiency when imaging deep in tissue.

NIR Optical Excitation Path

The Multiphoton Essentials Kit supports excitation wavelengths extending into the NIR (680 - 1400 nm), making a wide range of fluorophores accessible and allowing others to be excited more efficiently. This wavelength flexibility is key to taking full advantage of the ever-evolving spectrum of fluorescent proteins and maximizing imaging depth and resolution.

Galvo-Resonant Scanner

Whether visualizing Ca2+ influx, microcirculatory blood flow, or limiting smearing from motion, temporal image resolution is essential. With a maximum scan rate of 400 frames per second (512 x 32 pixels), some of the fastest physiological changes become observable. Thanks to optimized data acquisition algorithms, our resonant scanners can also achieve high resolution, with a maximum pixel density of 4096 x 4096. By adding our high-speed laser modulator (part of our Multiphoton Beam Conditioner), dynamic, targeted path scanning of up to 400 regions per second is achievable.











Multiphoton Essentials Kit
Wavelength Range 680 - 1400 nm
Objective Pupil Diameter 20 mm (Max)
Field of View 16 mm Diagonal Square (Max) at the Intermediate Image Plane
700 µm x 700 µm at Sample (with Nikon 16X Objective)
Microscope Objective Threada M32
Scanner X: 8 kHz Resonant Scanner
Y: Galvonometric Scan Mirror
Scan Speed 30 FPS at 512 x 512 Pixels
400 FPS at 512 x 32 Pixels
2 FPS at 4096 x 4096 Pixels
Scan Mode Square, Rectangle, and Line
Scan Zoom 1X - 16X (Approximate)
Scan Resolution Up to 2048 x 2048 Pixels (Bi-Directional)
Up to 4096 x 4096 Pixels (Unidirectional)
Primary Dichroic Reflective Below 680 nm; Transmissive from 680 - 1400 nm
Two Ultrasensitive GaAsP PMTs Positioned Directly Behind the Objective
Wavelength Range 300 - 720 nm
Filter Cube Single Cube (User Changeable)
Included Filters Dichroic: 562 nm Longpass
Emission: 525 nm, 50 nm Bandwidth and 607 nm, 70 nm Bandwidth
  • Thorlabs manufactures an M32 to M25 thread adapter (Item # M32A1) as well as an M32 to RMS thread adapter (Item # RMSA9).















ThorImageLS: Intuitive Workflow-Oriented Software Suite

ThorImageLS™ was developed side-by-side with our multiphoton and confocal microscopy platforms to ensure seamless, logical, and intuitive integration between software and hardware. Our workflow-oriented interface only displays the parameters you need for each scan series (such as Z series for volumetric scans, time series for imaging of dynamics, or bleaching series for photoactivation/uncaging experiments). Each software mode offers a gentle learning curve, guides the researcher step by step through data acquisition, and will have you capturing images with just a few clicks.

A complete solution for our microscopy platforms, ThorImageLS provides control of not only the microscope but also a wide range of accessories. In-line panels control the position of our motorized XY and Z stages, the laser power at the sample, and even the wavelength of a tunable Coherent Chameleon™ Ti:Sapphire laser. This high degree of automation minimizes distractions, allowing you to keep your focus on your research.

Experimental Techniques
  • Ramp Power with Sample Depth to Minimize Damage While Maximizing Deep Signal-to-Noise
  • Customize Acquisition Parameters for High-Speed Z-Stacks or Image Streams
  • Select Region of Interest to Photoactivate/Bleach with an Easy-to-Use Interface
Equipment Control
  • Control Power of Independent Excitation Lasers
  • Insert/Remove Dichroic Mirrors for Different Scan Types
  • Integrate with Electrophysiology Suites Using Master or Slave TTL Signals
  • Tune Output Wavelength of Coherent Chameleon™ Ti:Sapphire Lasers
Data Analysis
  • Assign a Color to Each Detection Channel
  • Calculator Instantly Determines Image Dimensions and Resolution
  • Generate 3D Z-Stack Reconstructions



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