Compact Fiber Polarization Controller


OCT In-Line Polarization Controllers

  • Oct Designed and Tested Polarization Controller
  • Wavelength Insensitive
  • Easy to Use


  • For Ø900 µm Jacketed Fiber
  • Low-Loss, Compact Design
  • Easy to Integrate Into a Fiber Optic System
  • Insensitive to Wavelength Variations

The PLC-900 is a compact, in-line polarization controller for Ø900 µm tight-buffered fiber. Due to the open design, it can be conveniently dropped into a fiber optic system. Simply insert a length of fiber into the slot located on the top of the device and you are ready to control the polarization state of light without having to disassemble your setup. The PLC-900 utilizes stress-induced birefringence by physically compressing one cross-sectional axis of the fiber. In this way, it acts as a single variable wave plate. The angle of the wave plate can be adjusted, as well as the retardance, to gain full polarization control. This controller is not intended for use with bare fiber.


Insertion Loss <0.05 dB
Return Loss >65 dB
Extinction Ratio >40 dB
Operating Temperature −40 to 85 oC
Storage Temperature −40 to 85 oC
Fiber Jacket Ø900 µm
Dimensions 0.05" × 0.84" × 3.00" (W × H × L)


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