FiberBench Polarization Beam Combiner / Splitter


Variable Polarization Beamsplitter Kit

  • Split Polarized light into Two Paths
  • Mechanically and Thermally Stable
  • Continuously Variable Split Ratio from 0 to 30 dB


  • Power is Fiber Limited to 10 W (CW, Typical)
  • Mechanically and Thermally Stable
  • Continuously Variable Split Ratio
  • Useful as a Variable 1 x 2 Coupler
  • FC/PC and FC/APC Compatible
  • Extinction Ratio
    • Tp:Ts > 1000:1
    • Rs:Rp ~ 100:1

The Variable Polarization Beamsplitter Kit is based on Thorlabs' Multi-Axis FiberBench. A PM fiber can be attached to the input FiberPort, which collimates the output. The polarization of this beam is then rotated with a half-wave plate. By changing the orientation of the wave plate, the ratio of the vertical to horizontal State of Polarization (SOP) is changed, which then affects how much signal is transmitted and reflected through the polarizing beamsplitter cube. The beamsplitter is designed to transmit the P component and reflect the S component.

The average P-component transmittance is >96% (<1.5% surface reflection) and the average S-component reflectance is >98%, which leads to an excellent extinction ratio.


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