FiberBench Polarization Controller Kit


FiberBench Polarization Controller Kit

  • Deterministic Polarization Control
  • Mechanically and Thermally Stable
  • 360° Rotation and Precise Control


  • Deterministic Polarization Control
  • Mechanically and Thermally Stable
  • 360° Rotation and Precise Polarization Control
  • Supports Both FC/PC and FC/APC Connectors

Thorlabs' FiberBench Polarization Controller Kit allows you to transform an arbitrary input polarization state into an arbitrary output polarization state. The controller uses two FiberPorts mounted on either side of a Single-Axis FiberBench with HCA3 Wall Plates. Any input polarization state can be deterministcally rotated into a known output polarization state using a quarter-wave, half-wave, and another quarter-wave plate mounted (in this order) between the two FiberPorts. Each plate can be precisely and continuously rotated through 360°.

Advantages over Traditional Fiber Paddle Controllers

The FiberBench polarization controller has the same function as a paddle controller, while offering a more deterministic and stable polarization manipulation. Without a polarimeter, the SOP from the paddle controller cannot be determined directly. Since it does not have any hysteresis, it is possible to predict the controller's output State of Polarization (SOP) at any instant in time given only its input SOP. Unlike the conventional fiber paddle controllers, the FiberBench polarization controller can be used with PM or SM fiber without the need for splicing. Additionally, it benefits from the advanced design of the FiberBench series and has high thermal and mechanical stability. The continuous, 360° rotation and precise control offered by the wave plates allow the user more control and a more stable platform than is possible with the paddle controllers.


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