FiberBench Polarization Modules


FiberBench Polarization Modules

  • Polarization Optics Modules Designed for FiberBench Systems
  • Interchange Modules While Maintaining Optical Axis Height

Thorlabs offers three polarization modules that can be used with our FiberBenches. Each module has two dowel pins on its base that precisely align it on a FiberBench. The Linear Polarization Reference Module is ideal for use in PM fiber alignment, polarimetry, and extinction ratio measurements. The Rotating Linear Polarizer Modules are made from dichroic film polarizers fitted into a rotating mount that allows the user to easily adjust the State of Polarization (SOP). The left-/right-handed Walk-Off Polarizer Modules consist of an AR-Coated Calcite crystal on a static mounting base. They are designed to displace the horizontal polarization for a variety of wavelength ranges.


Variable Optical Attenuator Application

A continuously variable attenuator can be assembled using the FiberBench components listed in the table below. The FiberPort collimates the beam from a SM or PM fiber, and the collimated beam then goes through a calcite walk-off polarizer where it is split into its respective horizontal (P) and vertical (S) components. The orientation of the wave plate controls how much energy is in the beam. It can be rotated to give the desired attenuation - zero, partial, or full. The signal then enters a reversed calcite walk-off polarizer where it will be recombined or further separated. The only energy that will couple back into the output fiber is the signal on the central axis. The central beam will then be focused into the output fiber by the output PAF FiberPort.


Linear Polarization Reference Module


  • Polarization Extinction Ratio Measurements
  • Polarimetry
  • PM Fiber Alignment
  • See the Application Tab
  • Precision Linear Polarization Reference
  • 0°, 45°, 90°, and 135° Orientations
  • Angle Tolerance
  • Highly Repeatable Positioning by Magnetic Contact
  • Wavelength Range: 1500 - 1600 nm

The Linear Polarization Reference Module consists of a PCB Linear Polarizer held in a capture cage. This module establishes a reference plane, starting at 0°, and then at every 45°. It is ideal for polarization extinction ratio measurements, polarimetry, and PM fiber alignment.

Please note that this linear polarizaton reference module does not incorporate a quarter-wave plate. However, other wavelengths and units with an integrated quarter-wave plate (to function as a manual polarimeter) are available by request. 


Rotating Linear Polarizer Modules

  • Create a variable beamsplitter when used in conjunction with Thorlabs' Walk-Off Polarizer (see below)
  • Useful for monitoring polarization, especially in applications where the polarization could shift over time (e.g., due to changes in temperature) because the user can rotate the polarizer to compensate for the shift
  • See the Application Tab
  • AR-Coated Film Between Glass Plates
  • 10,000:1 Extinction Ratio
  • Thin Film Linear Polarizer
  • Ø2.5 mm Clear Aperture
  • Wavefront Error: λ/10
  • 360° Continuous Rotation
  • 1.5° Measurement Precision
  • Magnetic Mount for Smooth Rotation
  • Please See the Specs Tab for More Details

The Rotating Linear Polarizer Modules utilize dichroic film polarizers that are secured in rotation mounts. These modules absorb light that is not aligned to the transmission axis of the polarizer. They provide an excellent extinction ratio. They have a power handling capability, for example the PCB-2.5-VIS has a damage threshold of 20 W/cm2 (532 nm, CW, Ø0.471 mm) for CW lasers, and 0.4 J/cm2 for pulsed lasers (532 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz, Ø0.75 mm).


Walk-Off Polarizer Modules

  • Creat Multilevel Optical Systems
  • Use in Conjunction with Mirror Modules to Pick Off
    Displacement Beam in Custom Optical Systems
  • Polarization Splitter
  • See the Application Tab

  • AR-Coated Calcite Polarizer
  • 100,000:1 Extinction Ratio
  • Broadband Operation
  • Clear Aperture: 6.0 mm x 3.5 mm
  • 500 W/cm2 Power Handling
  • Input Diameter: 1 mm (Max)
  • Beam Displacement: 1 mm
  • Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch-Dig
  • Please See the Specs Tab for More Details

Each Walk-Off Polarizer Module consists of an AR-coated Calcite crystal mounted on a static base so that it can be inserted at the correct height into a FiberBench setup. It is primarily designed to displace the horizontal polarization state by 1 mm. The polarizers listed below are designed for use in different wavelegth ranges (Visible, NIR, YAG, or IR), offering both left-/right-handed orientations.


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