Michelson-Type Interferometer

  • Compact OCT Proven Michelson-Type Interferometer
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Flat Wavelength Response
  • Input for Alignment laser


  • Minimal Variation in Polarization Dependent
    Coupling Ratio (PDCR)
  • Integrated Balanced Signal Detection
    with Active Aliasing
  • Input for Aiming Beam (660 nm) to Aid in Alignment
  • Interferometer Power Supply Included

The Michelson-type INT-MSI-1300 and INT-MSI-1300B interferometer subassemblies are designed to be used inside an OCT system with a balanced detection scheme for a wavelength range of 1250 to 1350 nm. For usage with faster sweeping lasers the bandwith of the integrated detectors of the INT-MSI-1300B has been increased up to 100 MHz. Each module contains a fiber coupler network for a Michelson interferometer with outputs for the reference arm and the sample arm. The INT-MSI-1300 and INT-MSI-1300B only differ in the above mentioned bandwidth, the transimpedance gain, and their saturation power, see table on the right.

Internally used couplers are optimized for flat wavelength response and very low polarization dependent coupling losses. The fiber length is matched on both arms of the interferometer to within 0.2 mm while the housing includes FC/APC angled fiber adapters for robustness and ease of use. To suppress the generation of aliasing frequencies in the digitized fringe signals, which degrade the image quality, the integrated, high-gain balanced detector includes an active aliasing filter.

To support aligning the INT-MSI-1300 and INT-MSI-1300B into optical systems, an additional input for a 660 nm aiming laser and a specially designed WDM-coupler that combines the swept laser source (1300 nm) and the alignment laser (660 nm) were included in the subassembly.



Item #INT-MSI-1300INT-MSI-1300B
Interferometer Wavelength Range 1250 - 1350 nm
Fiber Type SMF-28e+
Input/Output Port FC/APC
Insertion Lossa
from 1300 nm IN to Sample Arm
and to Reference Arm
<4.2 dB (Typical)
5 dB (Max)
Insertion Lossa
from 660 nm IN to Probe
4.5 dB (Max)
Path Length Difference <0.1 mm (Typical)
0.2 mm (Max)
Detector Material/Type InGaAs/PIN
Detector Wavelegnth Range 800 - 1700 nm
Typical Responsivity (Max) 1.0 A/W
Output Bandwidth (3 dB) DC - 15 MHz DC - 100 MHz
Transimpedance Gainb 51 kV/A 100 kV/A
Saturation Power 70 µW 35 µW
Maximum Input Power 250 mW
Electrical Output SMA
DC Offset <±5 mV
Power Supply ±12 V, 200 mA
(PICO M8 con.)
Size 4.72" x 3.15" x 0.827"
(120 mm x 80 mm x 21 mm)
  • Includes connector losses of the input and output pigtail, measured at the central wavelength.
  • Transimpedance gain measured with respect to the output power using a high impedance load, half value with a 50 Ω impedance.


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