Scan Lenses for OCT Systems


Scan Lenses for Laser Scanning Microscopy

  • Ideal for 633, 850, 1050, and 1315 nm Imaging Systems
  • Uniform Optical Path length and Spot Size
  • 1.6X, 3X, 4.6X, 5X, and 10X Magnifications


  • Constant Magnification Over Entire Field of View (FOV)
  • Constant Spot Size
  • Flat Image Plane
  • Excellent Coupling Efficiency
  • Large Field of View
  • Easily Incorporated into Custom-Built Microscopy Systems
  • Dispersion Compensators Available Separately for LSM02(-BB), LSM03(-BB), LSM03-VIS, LSM04(-BB), and LSM05(-BB)

Thorlabs' scan lenses are telecentric objectives, which makes them desirable for use in laser imaging systems and laser scanning applications like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). These applications benefit from the flat imaging plane that telecentric objectives offer as a laser beam is scanned across the sample. A flat imaging plane minimizes image distortion, which in turn creates geometrically correct images without the need for extensive post-image processing. A telecentric scan lens also maximizes the coupling of the light scattered or emitted from the sample (the signal) into the detection system. In addition, the spot size in the image plane is nearly constant over the entire FOV (see Graphs tab), resulting in constant image resolution.

Thorlabs manufactures two families of scan lenses: the LSM series and the CLS-SL. Our LSM series is available with design wavelengths of 633, 850, 1050, or 1315 nm, while the CLS-SL scan lens' design was optimized for broadband imaging in the 400 - 750 nm range. The LSMxx scan lenses have an AR coating designed to minimize back reflections from broadband light sources with a central wavelength of 1315 nm (see plot below), which is a popular wavelength for OCT systems. For wavelengths outside of the effective wavelength range of these four lenses, Thorlabs also offers broadband variants (LSMxx-BB) that have an AR coating for the 800 - 1100 nm range. In addition, we offer a variant of the LSM03 for visible wavelengths (LSM03-VIS) with an AR coating for 400 - 700 nm.

In order to assist with the integration of the -BB scan lenses into OCT systems, several system parameters have been specified (see the Specs tab) at 850 nm and 1050 nm. However, the -BB scan lenses can be used with light sources throughout the 800 nm to 1100 nm range.


Visible Scan Lens for Laser Scanning Microscopy


The CLS-SL scan lens is designed for point-by-point laser scanning imaging in the visible wavelength range (400 - 750 nm). This scan lens, originally designed for Thorlabs' Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Systems, is now available for customers designing their own laser scanning systems. In these application, we recommend utilizing the scan lens with our ITL200 tube lens and one of our objectives. The CLS-SL has a 70 mm effective focal length.

This scan lens has external SM2 (2.035"-40) threads on both ends, making it easy to incorporate into customized microscopy systems. Please note that even though the CLS-SL has a symmetric housing, it is not bi-directional. When the housing's engraving is right-side-up, the light should enter the lens from the top.

The CLS-SL scan lens is designed for variable scanning positions. As illustrated in the enlarged drawing to the right, the optimal scanning position should be determined based on the distance between the tube lens and the objective lens. The shorter the distance between the tube lens and the objective, the longer the scanning position.


Scan Lens for Visible Imaging Systems

The LSM03-VIS scan lens has an AR coating designed for visible imaging centered around 633 nm. Providing a magnification of 4.6X, the lens has less than 0.25% reflectance across a 130 nm bandwidth. The M25 × 0.75 threading can be adapted to Thorlabs' standard SM1 (1.035"-40) threading by using an SM1A12 adapter.


Broadband Scan Lenses for OCT Systems (800 - 1100 nm)

Scan Lenses for OCT Systems (1315 nm ± 65 nm)


Galvo Mirror and Scan Lens Mounting Bracket for LSM05


  • Mounting Bracket and Adapter for Integrating our LSM05 Telecentric Scan Lens with our GVS012(/M) Large Beam Galvo Mirror Pair
  • GAS0123 Thread Adapter (Sold Below) Required for Attaching LSM05 Lens
  • Removable 30 mm Cage- and SM1 Thread-Compatible Input Plate
  • Compatible with Imperial or Metric Breadboards and Optical Tables

The GAS012 mounting bracket allows for the integration of our LSM05 Telecentric Scan Lens with our GVS012 or GVS012/M galvanometer mirror pairs. It also allows the complete assembly to be integrated with optical table or breadboard-based optomechanical setups. To use the GAS012 mounting bracket, the GAS0123 thread adapter (also sold below) must also be purchased. This places the lens at the recommended distance from the second galvo mirror.

The input light port is a plate with SM1 (1.035"-40) threading for Ø1" lens tube compatibility and four Ø6 mm cage rod holes for 30 mm cage system integration. The GAS012 bracket has a bottom mounting surface with eight #8 (M4) and nine 1/4" (M6) through holes, spaced at 12.6 mm (0.496") and 25.2 mm (0.99"), respectively, for compatibility with both imperial and metric breadboards and optical tables. When mounted, the GVS012(/M) galvo mirror pair does not sit directly on this surface, allowing all of the through holes to be used for table or breadboard mounting.


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