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Thorlabs Imaging Systems

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Purpose-Built Imaging Platforms

Thorlabs' laser scanning microscopy systems derive the full benefits of a vertically integrated organization with decades of expertise that stems to virtually every component incorporated into its platforms. Our scientists and engineers draw from experience in all key disciplines to design, develop, manufacture, and support advanced imaging systems.

Our systems are designed from a clean sheet of paper to do the job intended from the beginning. Leveraging our extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities allows us to minimize design trade-offs, develop targeted solutions to challenging problems, and customize each individual system to our customers' specifications.


Acerra Series Multiphoton Microscopes

Whether you are imaging excised tissue sections, embryos, or anesthetized small animals, Thorlabs' Acerra Series Multiphoton Microscopes offers the highest levels of experimental flexibility. Combining high-speed resonant scanning technology with extended-wavelength optics; full-field-of-view, non-descanned GaAsP photomultiplier tubes (PMTs); and a plethora of options and accessories, the Acerra Series is poised to meet the most demanding imaging requirements.


Bergamo Series Multiphoton Microscopes

Thorlabs' Bergamo Series Multiphoton Microscope is a workhorse dedicated to in vivo imaging. It uses the same robust, sensitive optical design as the Acerra Series, mounted to an advanced motion control system that allows three-axis and rotational control over the imaging plane. Not bound by the spatial constraints of conventional microscopy systems, it is a powerful system for behavioral neuroscience or large specimens.


Bergamo II Series Multiphoton Microscopes

Recognizing that there is a need for a microscope with a modular structure that can be configured to the experiment, rather than the other way around, we set out to develop the new reference standard in multiphoton microscopy. With a selection of rigid bodies, numerous auxiliary imaging modalities, detectors, motion control, and laser beam control, the permutations of the Bergamo II Series are endless.


Confocal Microscopy Systems

Thorlabs' Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Systems are designed to add confocal imaging capabilities to research-grade microscopes. Leveraging the same 400 FPS resonant scanning technology as its multiphoton cousins and supporting up to four excitation wavelengths and detection channels, it enables multiplexed, multichannel experiments with live cells.


Swept Source OCT System

Thorlabs' Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging System provides nondestructive, high-resolution imaging. The 1325 nm central wavelength and 6 mm coherence length of the swept laser source enables scanning at sample depths up to 3 mm. Unlike spectral domain OCT technology, swept source OCT is not susceptible to intrinsic sensitivity degradation at longer imaging depths.


Spectral Domain OCT Systems

Thorlabs has developed several spectral domain OCT system families to accommodate the specific needs of each application. Our Telesto, Callisto, Ganymede, and Hyperion systems offer a choice of 930 nm or 1325 nm center wavelengths and are balanced to offer the best possible combination of scan rates, sensitivities, fields of view (FOV), and axial and lateral resolution.



Our Mission is to accelerate the advancement of optical technology for precision measurements and their applications from the table tops of research laboratories to standard use in communication and high technology industries. Our aim is to serve our customers. Our hope is to create a place for highly skilled people in an open environment

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