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Pigtailed Photodiodes


Pigtailed Photodiodes

  • High-Speed Photodiode, Coupling Lans, and Fiber in One Easy-to-Use Package
  • Si PIN Photodiode
  • Reinforced Fiber



  • Multimode Version for 320 - 1000 nm
  • Single Mode Versions for 610 - 770 nm and 780 - 970 nm
  • Ideal for Applications Requiring High-Speed Signal Detection
  • Low Bias Voltage

Thorlabs' Pigtailed Photodiodes are high-speed, fiber pigtailed, Si PIN photodiodes designed for light detection in the visible to near infrared range. These photodiodes are particularly suitable for measurement of pulsed or CW fiber-coupled light sources by converting the optical power into an electric current. They provide low dark current and terminal capacitance with increased bias voltabe making them ideal for use in optical communications, high-speed photometry, and monitoring applications.

The FDSP Series Pigtailed Photodiodes are offered with a single or multimode fiber, actively aligned for optimum coupling efficiency, sensitivity, and stability. The FDSP625 uses a graded-index multimode fiber suitable for use with wavelengths between 320 and 1000 nm. FDSP660 and FDSP780 use single mode fibers, which suppress mode interferences (also called MPI - multi path interference), an essential property for signal detection in fiber-based interferometers. They are designed for low back reflection and are specified for use at 610 - 770 nm and 780 - 970 nm, respectively. Please see the info icons below for a detailed list of fiber and detector properties.

The housing is a stainless steel bushing used for active coupling of the fiber to the photodiode. The fiber is reinforced with a Ø900 µm loose tube outer jacket and a rubber boot, which relieves fiber bending stresses.

To complement our pigtailed photodiodes, we have a wide range of fiber connectors (single mode and multimode) and a fiber termination kit. Custom fiber termination with industry standard fiber connectors is available upon request.  Please note that these photodiodes are not calibrated. We also offer calibrated photodiodes as well as unmounted calibrated photodiodes with NIST-traceable calibration.


Pigtailed Photodiodes

Item # Detector TypeNEP
Dark CurrentTerminal
FiberCore DiameterNACompatible
FDSP625   Silicon/PIN 3.1 x 10-15 0.01 nA Typ.
0.5 nA Max
3 pF 320 - 1000 nm Graded-Index, Multimode 62.5 µm 0.27 STO46S
FDSP660   610 - 770 nm Nufern 630-HP, Single Mode 4 µm 0.13
FDSP780   780 - 970 nm Nufern 780-HP, Single Mode 5 µm




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