In-Line Polarimeters


In-Line Fiber Polarimeter

  • Fiber Based
  • High Speed Polarimetry
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • Low Insertion Loss

IPM5300 Features

  • In-line Fiber-Based Polarimeter
  • Wavelength Range: 1510 - 1640 nm
  • Insertion Loss: <1.1 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 45 dB (-30 dBm to 15 dBm)
  • High Sampling Rate: 1 Million Samples per Second
  • Excellent Accuracy: ±0.25° on Poincaré Sphere

The IPM5300 is a fiber optic polarimeter that enables high speed measurements of the State of Polarization (SOP). The in-line fiber design provides an insertion loss of less than 1.1 dB, a dynamic range of 45 dB, and an accuracy of ±0.25° on the Poincaré Sphere with a sampling rate of 1million complete SOP measurements per second. The all fiber polarimeter is based on patented Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Technology. Its novel combination of in-line polarimetric measurement, low insertion loss, high speed, and accuracy enables unprecedented measurement of the state of polarization in fiber optical applications. For more information, please see the Operation tab.

IPM5300 Applications

  • State of Polarization Measurements at 1 Million Samples per second
  • High Speed DOP Measurements for Active Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensation
  • High Speed Feedback for Automatic Polarization Control

Operation Mode
All four Stokes values, which fully characterize a SOP, are provided either as analog output voltages or as digital values to the PC. The SOP measurement can be controlled via an external trigger function allowing the synchronization of the IPM5300 with other devices. The update rate of 1 MHz applies to the fully characterized SOP measurement.

Modular Design
The IPM5300 is based on the Thorlabs TXP5000 Modular Test & Measurement System and is controlled by a PC via easy to use graphical user interfaces (see User Interface tab). It offers additional features like USB/Ethernet ports, plug and play combination with other modules, and flexible configuration via LabVIEW™, LabWindows/ CVI™, MSVC and Borland C drivers.

2 Versions To Choose From

  • Benchtop Version including PC: IPM5300-T
  • Module Version for TXP chassis: IPM5300


Item #IPM5300
Wavelength Range 1510 - 1640 nm
Insertion Loss (w/ Connectors) < 1.2 dB
Dynamic Range 45 dB
Sampling Rate 3 S/s - 1 MS/s (Selectable)
Max Input Power +15 dBm
PDL <0.05 dB
Measurable SOP States Full Poincaré Sphere
Averaging Time Continuous Mode 10 µs - 300 ms
Averaging Time Buffered Mode 1 µs - 300 ms
SOP Accuracy ±0.25 ° on Poincaré Spherea, b
DOP Accuracy ±0.25 %a
Relative Power Measurement Accuracy ±0.01 dBa
Absolute Power Measurement Accuracy
(Pinput > -20 dBm)
±0.3 dB
Operating Input Power Range 45 dB, -30 to 15 dBm
Parameter Resolution
DOP measurement Resolution 0.01%
SOP Measurement Resolution 0.01°
s1, s2, s3 Measurement Resolution 0.0001
Analog Monitor Output -2.5 to 2.5 V
General Technical Data
Operating Temperature 5 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to 70 °C
Weight 560 g
Optical Input/Output Connector FC/APC
Optical Fiber Standard Single Mode Fiber for 1550 nm
Optical Fiber Numerical Aperture 0.11
Warm-up Time for rated Accuracy 10 min
Mechanical Width 2 Slots in TXP Chassis
  • At 0 ±3 dBm, averaging time >1 ms
  • Accuracies referring to the IPM5300 internal reference plane
    All technical data are valid at 23 ± 5 °C and 45 ± 15% relative humidity


How it Works

The IPM5300 polarimeter is an in-line polarimeter that utilizes custom Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). See Figure 1 for a diagram of the optical schematic of the polarimeter module. The device uses two pairs of FBGs whose reflectivity is polarization dependent, to direct very small percentages of the transmitted optical power to four detectors. A λ/4 fiber waveplate is positioned between the two pairs of FBG's to produce the two additional elliptical states of polarization.They are required for a full analysis of an arbitrary state of polarization. The IPM5300 overcomes the limitations of other fiber based in-line polarimeter designs by eliminating the need to use tap couplers which show significant temperature and wavelength sensitivity. The FBG approach offers superior performance; it provides an extremely broad wavelength range (1200nm-1700nm) as well as highly accurate SOP and DOP measurements.


Operation Mode
Thorlabs IPM5300 in-line polarimeter measures the four stokes parameters of the signal to determine the State of Polarization (SOP). The resulting SOP can then be presented either on the Poincaré Sphere, the Polarization Ellipse or in time domain (See User Interface tab). The IPM5300 can be activated in two modes: single mode or array mode.

Single Mode
In this mode the polarimeter measures one state of polarization after another. There is no defined time scale. If one measurement has finished and the data is transferred to the PC, the next measurement starts. The results can be taken from the analog output or can be displayed through the GUI.
This mode should be used when there is no fast polarization change that can be observed by the user.

Array Mode
In this mode sample rate and the number of measurement points (max. 1024) are predetermined. The complete measurement results are transferred to the PC after all n points are measured. This allows having a defined time scale for the measurement as well as a hardware trigger and the registration of pre-trigger samples. The data can then be displayed graphically or numerically on the GUI. This mode is ideal when fast SOP changes occur (see Application tab for a specific example). The measurement results can be saved in an ASCII file.

Fiber Connection
The standard fiber connection for input and output is FC/APC, however, other connections are available upon request. The SOP at the output is different from the measured SOP since there is a single mode fiber between the actual in-line polarimeter and the output port. This fiber will transform the polarization.


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