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Analog Handheld Power Meter Console


Analog Handheld Laser Power Meter Console

  • Power Meter for Laser Tuning Applications
  • Compatible with Over 20 Photodiode and Thermal Sensors
  • Digital and Analog Output


  • Combined Analog and Digital Power Meter Console
  • Designed for Coherent and Incoherent Light Source Measurements
  • Power Measurements for CW and Pulsed Source Detection
  • Fast Mechanical Needle Display with 3 Scales
  • Bright Graphics LCD Display with Different LCD Screens
    • Numerical Display for Absolute Power Readouts
    • Relative Measurement Screen for Power Tuning
    • Statistics Screen with Display Hold
    • Different Setup Screens for Configuration
  • Versatile Functionality with Easy Handling:
    • Min/Max Function
    • Acoustic Tuning Sound with Max Hold Function
    • Delta Mode Function
    • Smart Sensor Connector for Quick Sensor Exchange
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Analog Output

The PM100A Power Meter Console is the analog counterpart to thePM100D Digital Power and Energy Meter. It offers top performance and reliability in a compact and portable console. The PM100A is ideal for use as a CW and pulsed laser power meter, incoherent optical source power meter, general light power meter, fiber power meter, and more. Depending on the connected sensor, it can measure optical power in the range from 100 pW to 200 W.

The PM100A is compatible with more than 20 photodiode,slim photodiode, integrating sphere, fiber, and thermal sensors designed for use from the UV to the Mid-IR. See theSensor Compatibility tab for further information. When used together with a sensor from the compact S15xC Series of fiber sensors, the PM100A becomes a compact and portable fiber power meter that is ideal for field applications as well as in the lab.Thorlabs offers a variety of Power Meter Kits which include some of our most popular sensors bundled with the PM100A and PM100D consoles. Additionally it allows the connection of unamplified anode grounded photodiodes with up to 5 mA photocurrent and thermal elements with up to 1 V output voltage.

Console Design
The compact housing has a large analog needle display with three printed scales and front panel backlit button controls. In addition, the PM100A features a bright LCD screen that displays four different digital readouts: absolute power, relative power, statistics, and a configuration menu. Audio tuning is also featured.

A selectable bandwidth of either 20 Hz or 100 kHz offers more flexibility and adaptability to specific measurement tasks while using photodiode sensors. The higher bandwidth is optimal for pulse-detection; the lower bandwidth offers lower noise and better accuracy. Additionally, the power meter can adapt to the thermal time constant of thermal sensors leading to significantly faster measurements with thermal sensors. Thermal sensors have an individual time constant that can vary greatly from unit to unit. The PM100A now can adjust to this individual constant for each sensor and thus minimize the response time of the system (sensor + console).

The sensor connector, shown to the right, enable "hot-swappable" quick sensor exchange. The sensor connectors contain all the sensor information including NIST-traceable responsivity curves, sensor types, and model number.

Data can be recorded via the USB PC connection and the control software. The PM100A software is capable of handling up to six consoles simultaneously. PC control software and features are highlighted in the Software tab.

In addition to remote control operation and data logging/recording, the USB connection can also act as the charging system for the Li-Polymer battery. Also included is an AC battery charger which uses an intelligent charging management system to improve battery lifetime and reduce battery memory effects.


Analog Handheld Laser Power Meter Console

* Compact, Handheld, Analog Needle, Power Meter Console
* Digital Display Screen
* Long-Life Internal Li-Polymer Battery
* Console comes Calibrated with Certificate of Calibration
* 1 GB USB Memory Stick with Software including LabVIEW™ and LabWINDOWS™ /CVI Driver Set, and Operating Manual
* Hard Case to Store the Console and one Sensor


Standard Photodiode Power Sensors


  • For General Purpose Optical Power Measurements
  • Integrated Viewing Target for Easy Sensor Alignment
  • Ø9.5 mm Sensor Aperture
  • Compaptible Fiber Adapters: S120-xx Series
  • Compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, PM100A, and PM320E Consoles
  • Sensor, Protective Cap, IR Target, and Thread Adapter Included


The S12xC Standard Photodiode Power Sensors are ideal for metering low power coherent and incoherent sources from the UV to the NIR. The NIST-traceable, calibrated sensors feature an integrated viewing target for easy alignment, enhanced shielding against electromagnetic interference, over temperature alert device, and large Ø9.5 mm sensor aperture. The sensors are compatible with 30 mm cage systems, Ø1/2" posts, and SM1 (1.035"-40) lens tubes, and are ideal for free-space and fiber-coupled sources.


Slim Photodiode Power Sensors - S13xC Series


  • For Optical Power Measurements in Confined Spaces
  • Very Slim Design: 5 mm Thin on Sensor Side
  • Ø9.5 mm Sensor Aperture
  • Slideable ND Filter Automatically Changes Sensor Power Range
  • Optional SM1A29 SM1-Threaded (1.035"-40) Fiber Adapter Sold Below
  • Compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, PM100A, and PM320E Consoles

The S13xC Slim Photodiode Power Sensors are designed to take optical source power measurements in locations where space and accessibility are at a premium. The 5 mm thin Slim Photodiode Sensors can fit between closely space optics, cage systems, and other arrangements where standard power meters may not fit. The NIST-traceable, calibrated sensors also feature a large Ø9.5 mm sensor aperture and slideable neutral density filter for dual power ranges in one compact device


Integrating Sphere Photodiode Power Sensors - S14xC Series


  • For Beam-Shape- and Entrance-Angle-Independent Power Measurements
  • Integrating Sphere Design Acts as a Diffuser with Minimal Power Loss
  • Ø5 mm or Ø12 mm Input Apertures
  • Removable S120-FC Fiber Adapters (FC/PC and FC/APC) Included
  • Compatible Fiber Adapters: S120-xx Series and S140-BFA Bare Fiber Adapter
  • Compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, PM100A, and PM320E Consoles


The S14xC Integrating Sphere Photodiode Power Sensors are the choice for non-uniform, diverging, beam shape and entrance angle independent power measurements. Integrating spheres are ideal for power measurements from fiber sources, as well as off-axis free space sources. The integrating spheres feature large Ø5 mm or Ø12 mm apertures, SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded front connections, enhanced shielding against electromagnetic interference, and an overtemp alert sensor. NIST-traceable data is stored in the sensor connector.


Fiber Photodiode Power Sensors - S15xC Series


  • For Fiber-Based Optical Power Measurements
  • Compact Sensor Integrated into the Connector
  • Integrated Design for use in the Field and Lab
  • Includes PM20-FC Fiber Adapter
    • S150C and S151C Sensors also Include PM20-SMA SMA Adapter
  • Compatible with all PM20-xx Series Fiber Adapters
  • Compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, PM100A, and PM320E Consoles


The S15xC Compact Fiber Photodiode Power Sensor is designed to take power measurements from a wide variety of fiber-coupled sources. The compact sensor, integrated into the power meter connector, features a unique integrated design housing the photodiode sensor, fiber coupling, and NIST-traceable data. The connectors included with these sensors are easily interchanged with a variety of standard fiber connectors.


Thermal Sensors for General Applications - S3xxC Series


  • For General Broadband Optical Power Measurements
  • Ø12 mm - Ø25 mm Sensor Area
  • Fast Response Time
  • Broadband Coatings with Flat Response over a Large Wavelength Range
  • Compaptible Fiber Adapters: S120-xx Series
  • Compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, PM100A, and PM320E Consoles


The S3xxC Thermal Power Sensors are designed for broadband optical power measurements of low (100 µW) to high (200 W) power sources. The broadband coatings used on these thermal sensors feature a flat response over a wide range of wavelengths, as shown in the plot to the right.


NIST-traceable response curves are stored in the sensor connector. Aperture sizes from Ø12 mm to Ø25 mm allow easy alignment and measurement of large-spot-size laser sources. These sensors feature SM1 (1.035"-40) threading on the front for easy integration into existing cage and lens tube systems in addition to fiber coupling applications.


Thermal Sensors for Excimer and YAG Lasers - S3xxC Series


  • For Optical Power Measurements of Excimer and YAG Lasers
  • Ideal for Applications with High Peak Powers (10 W and 40 W Versions Available)
  • Ø25 mm or Ø40 mm Sensor Area
  • Fast Response Time
  • Compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, PM100A, and PM320E Consoles


The S350C and S370C Thermal Sensors are designed for Excimer and YAG pulsed laser sources, respectively. The S350C sensor features a Ø40 mm aperture, while the S370C has a Ø25 mm aperture designed for easy alignment of large spot size pulsed lasers. The units are post mountable for free space applications and feature NIST-traceable data stored in the sensor connector.


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