Pyroelectric Energy Sensor


Pyroelectric Energy Sensors (C-Series)

  • Energy Ranges Covering 10 µJ to 15 J
  • Wavelength Ranges Covering 185 nm to 25 µm
  • Two Coating options Available
  • New-Red C-Series Connector Design for Quick Exchange


  • For Pulsed Applications Over a Wide Wavelength and Energy Range
  • Individually Calibrated with NIST- and PTB-Traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • BNC Connector for Direct Use with Oscilloscopes
  • Compatible with our C-Series Power Meters
  • Electrically Isolating Post Adapters Included

Thorlabs' Pyroelectric Energy Meter Sensors are sensitive to wavelengths from 185 nm to 25 µm and together span the energy range from 10 µJ to 15 J. All of these sensors provide a flat response over a large wavelength range. The ES220C and ES245C feature a ceramic coating that is specifically designed for lasers with high energy densities requiring high damage thresholds.

All the sensors listed here are compatible with the PM200, PM100D, PM320E, and PM100USB [see Power Meter Compatibility Chart (Excel spreadsheet)]. Please note that they are not compatible with the PM100A. Alternatively, the sensors can be connected directly to an oscilloscope with a 1 MΩ input resistance via the BNC connector. To accommodate higher repetition rates when connected to oscilloscopes, the load resistance can be reduced. A calibration value for a 100 kΩ resistor is given with the sensor certificate of calibration.

The bottom of the sensor head has an 8-32 mounting hole. Since the heads are very sensitive to ground loops and electrical noise, we recommend attaching the heads to the included electrically isolating post adapters, which provide direct compatibility with either imperial or metric Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Posts. The ES120C and the ES220C can also be mounted to our 30 mm Cage System via the four 4-40 threaded holes on the front, although this mounting option does not provide electrical isolation.

Each sensor head is individually calibrated and is shipped with a NIST- and PTB-Traceable Calibration Certificate. The calibration and identification data is stored in the BNC to C-Series adapter and is downloaded automatically when connected to the console.

Thorlabs offers specific recalibration services for all our pyroelectric power sensors. To ensure accurate measurements, we recommend recalibrating the sensors annually. Please contact Tech Support for recalibration information and pricing. Expedited sensor calibration is also available.


Pyroelectric Energy Sensors


  • For General Purpose and High Energy Optical Pulse Measurements
  • Black Broadband Coating with Flat Response Over a Wide Wavelength Range
  • Ceramic Coating with High Damage Thresholds for High-Energy-Density Lasers
  • Ø11 mm - Ø45 mm Sensor Area
  • Comes with BNC Connector for Oscilloscope Use and a Sensor Adapter for Use with the
    PM200, PM100D, PM100USB, and PM320E Consoles


The ESxxxC Standard and High Energy Pyroelectric Sensors are designed to measure pulsed coherent and incoherent sources. Pyroelectric sensors are not suited for CW measurements, as they convert energy from light pulses into voltage pulses. A black broadband or ceramic coating is used for low or high power measurements, respectively. Large sensor areas from Ø11 mm - Ø45 mm allow easy alignment. The energy sensors features BNC connectors for use with an oscilloscope, as well as standard power meter connectors which contain NIST and PTB-traceable calibration data.

Item #ES111CES120CES145CES220CES245C
Sensor Image

Aperture Size Ø11 mm Ø20 mm Ø45 mm Ø20 mm Ø45 mm
Wavelength Range 0.185 - 25 µm
Energy Range 10 µJ – 150 mJ 100 µJ – 500 mJ 500 µJ – 2 J 500 µJ – 3 J 1 mJ – 15 J
Detector Type Pyroelectric Energy Sensor with Black Broadband Coating Pyroelectric Energy Sensor with Ceramic Coating
Resolution 100 nJ 100 nJ 1 µJ 25 µJ 50 µJ
Linearity ±1%
Measurement Uncertainty ±5% @ 0.185 - 25 µm



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