Four Channel, Benchtop


4-Channel Fiber-Coupled Laser Source

  • 4 Laser Output Channels with FC/PC Connectors
  • TEC and Controller for Each Channel
  • Stable, Low Noise Output
  • 33 Power/Wavelength Options Available



  • 4 Laser Output Channels with FC/PC Connectors
  • Independent Temperature Control Gives High Temperature Stability
  • Low Noise Output
  • USB Interface
  • Low-Profile Package, 2.5" (64 mm) Tall
  • 25 Wavelengths Available (See Table Below for Details)


Item #MCLS1
Display Power Accuracy ±10%
Current Set Point Resolution 0.01 mA
Temperature Adjust Range 20.00 to 30.00 °C
Temperature Set Point Resolution ±0.01 °C
Noise <0.5% Typical (Source Dependent)
Rise/Fall Time  

Thorlabs' 4-Channel, Fiber-Coupled, Customizable Laser Source provides easy coupling and simple control of laser-diode-driven fiber optics. The laser source is configured to accept a wide range of fiber-pigtailed laser diodes with discrete wavelengths in the spectral range from 405 - 1550 nm, in any combination. The laser source allows more than one channel to be turned on simultaneously; however, it is only possible to adjust the power output of one at a time from the front panel.

Each laser diode is operated from an independent, high-precision, low-noise, constant-current source and temperature control unit. An intuitive LCD interface allows the user to view and set the laser current and temperature independently for each laser. The display indicates the channel number selected, the output wavelength of the source, the operating power calculated from the laser diode monitor diode, and the actual temperature the laser is set to.

This device incorporates a microcontroller to fully control the laser's optical power and temperature as well as to monitor the system for fault conditions. The laser source includes a USB connection that allows remote enabling, power adjustment, and temperature adjustment. On the rear panel, analog inputs are available to modulate the laser diodes' outputs with an externally generated waveform. To prevent damage, the microcontroller will disable the output if the sum of the analog input and internal set point exceeds the laser limits.

While most output sources fall within the class 3R laser rating, the system was fully designed to meet laser class 3B requirements. There is an interlock located on the rear panel that must be shorted in order for any laser output to be enabled. This can easily be configured to be triggered by doors to disable the lasers in unsafe conditions. The power switch is a keylock system to prevent accidental or unwanted use. Each source has its own enable button allowing the user to choose the light source or sources he wishes to be active, as well as a master enable that must also be set. Each channel includes a green LED indicator to easily determine its current state. There is a 3 second delay before the lasers turn on, and the user is warned by the LED rapidly blinking.

In the Box
The MCLS includes a universal power supply allowing operation over 100 - 240 VAC without the need for selecting the line voltage. The fuse access is conveniently located on the rear panel. This unit is supplied with a U.S. line cord as well as a standard European line cord, the pre-configured MCLS1 with all selected lasers installed, and the manual.

Below is a list of available lasers listed by wavelength and showing the corresponding minimum output power and pigtail fiber type. To discuss potential custom wavelengths and configurations not available below, please contact us. Please use the configurator below to select the pigtails and locations you would like. Note: If you leave a channel blank, the unit will be shipped without a laser in that channel. Thorlabs will fill the empty slot at a later date if you desire. Please contact Tech Support prior to sending your unit back to us.

Item #Typical λWavelength RangeMinimum PowerTypical PowerLaser TypeFiber
MCLS1-405-30 405 nm 400 - 410 nm 24 mW 28 mW Fabry-Perot S405-HP
MCLS1-406 406 nm 395 - 415 nm 4 mW 6 mW Fabry-Perot S405-HP
MCLS1-473-20 473 nm 468 - 478 nm 15 mW 20 mW Fabry-Perot 460HP
MCLS1-488 488 nm 483 - 493 nm 18 mW 22 mW Fabry-Perot 460HP
MCLS1-520 520 nm 515 - 530 nm 8.0 mW 10.0 mW Fabry-Perot 460HP
MCLS1-635 635 nm 630 - 640 nm 2.5 mW 3.5 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-638 638 nm 628 - 648 nm 10 mW 15 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-642 642 nm 635 - 645 nm 15 mW 20 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-658 658 nm 648 - 668 nm 9.5 mW 14 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-660 660 nm 653 - 663 nm 15 mW 17 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-670 670 nm 660 - 680 nm 1.5 mW 2.5 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-670-4 670 nm 660 - 680 nm 4 mW 5 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-685 685 nm 675 - 695 nm 10 mW 13.5 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-705 705 nm 695 - 715 nm 10 mW 15 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-730 730 nm 720 - 740 nm 12.5 mW 15.0 mW Fabry-Perot SM600
MCLS1-785 785 nm 770 - 800 nm 6 mW 7.5 mW Fabry-Perot 780HP
MCLS1-785-25 785 nm 780 - 790 nm 20 mW 25 mW Fabry-Perot 780HP
MCLS1-808-20 808 nm 803 - 813 nm 20 mW 25 mW Fabry-Perot SM800-5.6-125
MCLS1-830 830 nm 820 - 840 nm 8 mW 10 mW Fabry-Perot SM800-5.6-125
MCLS1-850 850 nm 840 - 860 nm 7.5 mW 10.5 mW Fabry-Perot SM800-5.6-125
MCLS1-850-MM 850 nm 847 - 857 nm 45 mW 50 mW Fabry-Perot GIF625
MCLS1-852 852 nm 847 - 857 nm 20 mW 25 mW Fabry-Perot SM800-5.6-125
MCLS1-905-20 905 nm 900 - 910 nm 15 mW 20 mW Fabry-Perot SM800-5.6-125
MCLS1-940 940 nm 930 - 950 nm 25 mW 30 mW Fabry-Perot SM800-5.6-125
MCLS1-980 980 nm 965 - 995 nm 6 mW 9 mW Fabry-Perot 980HP
MCLS1-980-20 980 nm 975 - 985 nm


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