Er-Doped Frequency Comb


Optical Frequency Synthesizer, Er-Doped

  • Fiber-Based Femtosecond Frequency COmb System
  • Patented Optical Frequency Comb Technology
  • Extension for Visible Spectral Range Available


  • Includes M-Comb Oscillator, Amplifier, and f:2f Interferometer
  • Extension Packages Available for the NIR or Visible Spectral Range

The FC1500 Optical Frequency Synthesizers are compact and flexible fiber-based femtosecond frequency comb systems. With an extension package for the visible spectral range, the system provides a stabilized optical frequency comb for frequency metrology in both the visible and the near infrared regions of the spectrum. A wide range of optional units enables us to tailor this versatile system to customer-specific metrology solutions.

The optical frequency comb technology and the stabilization of it are covered by several international patents (e.g., see EU patent EP 1161782 and US patent 6,785,303 B1). Menlo Systems holds the exclusive rights on the patents. The 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to one of the founders of Menlo Systems, Theodor W. Hänsch, and J. Hall for their invention of the frequency comb technology.


Item #FC1500-250
Comb Spacing 250 MHz
Accuracy* 10-14
Stability* 5 x 10-13 in 1 s
Tuning Range of Spacing Between Individual Comb Lines >2 MHz
Tuning Range of CEO Frequency >250 MHz
Optical Output Ports:
LC/APC Ports - Three Fiber-Coupled, Elliptically Polarized
Center Wavelength 1560 nm
Spectral Range >35 nm
Average Output Power >18 mW from each port

*Same as reference, whichever applies first

Optional Packages
Extension Package to the Near Infrared: NIR Measurement Port - Free Space, Unpolarized
Spectral Range 1050 - 2100 nm
Average Output Power >200 mW
Extension Package to the Visible: VIS Measurement Port - Free Space, Unpolarized
Spectral Range 530 - 900 nm
Average Output Power >60 mW
Additional Amplifier at 1560 nm
Average Output Power >400 mW
Pulse Length  
Optional Port at 780 nm
Average Output Power >150 mW
High-Power Measurement Port* HMP633
Average Output Power >5 mW

*In 3 nm window at 633 nm, available for other user-defined wavelengths.


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