INTUN Continuously Tunable


INTUN Series Tunable Lasers

  • Center Wavelengths: 1320 and 1550 nm
  • Instantaneous Linewidth of 150 kHz
  • Continuous Mode-Hop Free Tuning


  • Continuously Tunable Lasing from 1270 - 1370 nm or 1520 - 1630 nm
  • Collimated Free-Space Output Beam
  • Instantaneous Linewidth of 150 kHz
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • SM1 (1.035"-40) and 30 mm Cage System Compatible
  • Suitable for Spectroscopy and Interferometry

Thorlabs' INTUN Tunable Lasers are designed for demanding applications such as spectroscopy. With two models spanning the wavelength range from 1270 - 1630 nm, this family covers the widest spectral range of any of our tunable products. These truly continuously tunable lasers are optimized for step and measurement applications, offer mode-hop-free operation, and have a convenient USB 2.0 interface.

INTUN tunable lasers have an external cavity design (ECL) to enable a wide mode-hop free tuning range. All lasers in the INTUN family have reduced spontaneous emission to further improve the laser performance. The INTUN has an SM1 (1.035"-40)-compatible thread on the output port and mounting holes for our 30 mm cage system to provide direct compatibility with our optomechanical equipment. The output is a collimated free-space beam. In addition, INTUN lasers have the ability to lock the wavelength to an external wavelength reference such as a gas cell or a frequency comb. This product is a complete turnkey solution without the need for additional electronic boxes. Contact Sales-TQE@thorlabs.com for more information.

All INTUN lasers have means to lock to an external reference clock if ultra high stability is needed. Also, all models have a digital wavelength control input that can be used to modulate and fine tune the wavelength.


Item #TL1300-BTL1550-B
Wavelength 1320 nm 1575 nm
Optical Power >20 mW >20 mW
Tuning Range >100 nm >110 nm
Tuning Speed
0 - 50 nm/s 0 - 50 nm/s
Spectral Linewidth 150 kHz*
Fine Tune Resolution 0.1 pm 0.2 pm

* Measurement at 1 ms


Laser Specifications

All values are typical unless otherwise specified.

Item #TL1300-BTL1550-B
Center Wavelength 1320 ± 10 nm 1575 ± 10 nm
Optical Power >20 mW >20 mW
Tuning Range 100 nm (min) 110 nm (min)
Tuning Speed Continuous 0 - 50 nm/s 0 - 50 nm/s
Wavelength Resolution Controlled Mode 12 Bits of Wavelength Range (Approx. 25 pm)
Free Step Mode 0.5 pm 1 pm
Fine Tune Mode 0.1 pm 0.2 pm
Wavelength Repeatability 10 pm
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy ± 50 pm
Wavelength Stability (1h/24hr) ± 4 pm / ± 20 pm
Power Resolution 25 µW
Spectral Linewidth  
Effective Linewidth 1.5 MHz
Coherence Control 1 GHz or 2 GHz
Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) 45 dBc min
Signal To Source
Spontaneous Emission Ratio (SSE)
40 dB/nm (45 dB/nm Typical; 70 dB/nm Fiber Coupled)
Signal To Source
Spontaneous Emission Ratio (STSSER)
25 dB (>65 dB Fiber Coupled)
Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) -140 (dB/Hz)
Optical Output Free-Space Collimated Beam
Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) at Output 16 dB
Laser Classification  3R

* Measurement Time

Electrical and Interface Specifications

DC Input +48 V/20 W
Analog Modulation Input 2 Vp-p
Analog Wavelength Output 0 - 4 V
Electrical Connectors
DC Input Voltage Rear Panel Socket
Digital Status 0 - 5 V
Interlock DB9
Communications USB 2.0
Analog Inputs BNC
Operating Temperature Range 15 to 30 °C
Operating Humidity
85% Relative Humidity @ 30 °C
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20 to 60 °C
Noncondensing Environment
Dimensions 242 mm x 87 mm x 142 mm


The INTUN-B model comes with a LabVIEW™ software package that enables the user to control the laser via a computer. The software package contains a standalone graphical user interface, (GUI), and drivers that can be run from within Labview. The GUI will be installed as an exe file along with required LabVIEW™ RTE, a LabVIEW™ functions library (freeware), accessed from the Windows™ start menu.

With the user interface you can set the optical power and wavelength in the Main tab. In the Parked tab you can tune the wavelength in three different modes, which allows you to reach high wavelength accuracy. In the Sweep tab you can tune between two different wavelengths with a desired tuning speed. In the Dither tab you can control the digital dither function or choose the external analog dither. In the Status tab the status signals are shown. Note that the laser will remember its instructions and will continue with its task even if the computer is disconnected. Below is a screen shot of the graphical user interface.

It is also possible to make your own specific control programs for the laser. A set of LabVIEW drivers is included on the CD and is also available on Thorlabs homepage. Dynamic link library drivers (DLL) are available upon request. Also, a USB 2.0 interface manual is available upon request and contains all information needed to control the laser from any programming language.

All communication to the laser is done via USB 2.0.



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