Phase Stabilization Units


Femtosecond Phase Stabilization

  • Control Pulse Carrier Offset Phase
  • Patented Phase Stabilization Technology


  • Control Strong-Field Processes in Extreme Nonlinear Optics
  • High Harmonic Attosecond Pulse Generation
  • Phase-Sensitive Experiments

The phase stabilization technology is covered by several international patents (e.g., see EU patent EP 1161782 and US patent 6,785,303 B1). Menlo Systems holds the exclusive rights on these patents. Menlo Systems is proud to have a close collaboration with major laser companies that use these products and our patented technology as OEM integrators.

XPS800 Femtosecond Phase Stabilization

The XPS800 femtosecond phase stabilization unit gives you control of your ultrashort pulses and their carrier envelope offset phase.

Item #XPS800
Repetition Fequency 70 - 90 MHz
Offset Frequency 1/4 of the Rep. Freq.
Line Width Offset Freq.  
Input Requirements 200 mW Avg. Power in
Optical Breadboard Dimensions 360 mm x 460 mm (14.2" x 18.1")
Stabilization Electronics in 19" Rack

APS800 Amplifier Phase Stabilization

The APS800 is used to monitor and stabilize the slow carrier-envelop phase drifts that occur during the amplification of phase-stabilized femtosecond pulses.

Item #APS800
Amplifier Carrier Wavelength 800 nm
Energy Fluctuations <1% (pulse-to-pulse, RMS)
Repetition Rate 1 - 10 kHz
Input Energy >10 µJ/Pulse
Pulse Length  
Beam Diameter 5 - 15 mm
Optical Setup Dimensions 41 cm x 23 cm x 14 cm


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