Repetition Rate Synchronizers


SYNCRO: Platform for Locking Applications

  • Full Automation
  • High Bandwidth Up to 1.5 MSz (3 dB)
  • Front Panel Touch Screen or Remote Control with PC
  • Phase Lock Various Devices


  • Full Automation
  • High Bandwidth Up to 1.5 MSz (3 dB)
  • Bandwidth Depends on Other Components in the Complete Control Loop
  • "Track" Function for Long-Term Operation (Slow Integrator)
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Front Panel Touch Screen or Remote Control with PC (RS232 or USB)
  • 2-Stage Locking Scheme

The modular design of these new locking electronics allows for the configuration of the phase lock loop for various locking tasks. They were developed to serve in the optical frequency comb systems for repetition rate and offset frequency stabilization. However, they can also be used to phase lock various external devices, such as lasers, cavities, or fiber-links, in today’s most demanding experiments.


Item #Application
SYNCRO-RRE Phase locks the repetition rate of a pulsed laser to a radio frequency reference, and can also be configured for locking to an optical reference clock
SYNCRO-LLE Phase locks the frequency of aCW laser to a stabilized mode of an optical frequency comb system, and can also be configured to provide the proper control signal requested by the CW laser
SYNCRO-XPS Designed to stabilize the phase relation between the carrier and the envelope of the pulses emitted from a femtosecond laser
SYNCRO- FLS Designed to create a distribution of stable optical timing signals


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