DFB QCL Lasers, Two-Tab C-Mount


MIR Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs): Distributed Feedback

  • Wavelengths Centered Near 4.58, 7.95, 8.05,or 8.65 μm
  • Typical Output Power: 40 - 100 mW
  • Single-Wavelength Emission Tunable within 1.5-5cm-1 Range
  • Shipped from Stock



  • Single-Wavelength Distributed Feedback Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs)
  • Typical Output Power from 40 to 100 mW, Depending on Device
  • Center Wavelengths from 4.54 to 8.70 μm (2203 cm-1 to 1149 cm-1)
  • Compact Two-Tab C-Mount Package: 6.44 mm x 4.3 mm x 7.9 mm (L x W x H)
  • Electrically Isolated from C-Mount
  • Custom Wavelengths, Mounts, or AR-Coated Front Facets Also Available 

With the acquisition of Maxion Technologies, Thorlabs is pleased to add a line of Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) to its product portfolio. These devices, composed of multiple quantum well heterostructures, utilize intersubband transitions in order to access the mid-infrared spectral region.

Distributed Feedback Lasers
Distributed Feedback QCLs emit at a single wavelength. By tuning the input current, the output frequency can be tuned over a narrow range between 1.5 and 5 cm-1. Because these lasers have a single wavelength, they are ideal for chemical sensing, optical communications, and other applications. The measured output spectrum, power, and L-I-V curve of each serial-numbered device is available below and is also included on a data sheet with the laser.

These lasers are mounted on a two-tab C-mount that provides high thermal conductivity and can be secured using a 2-56 or M2 screw with the counterbored Ø2.4 mm (Ø0.09") through hole. As measured from the bottom of the C-mount, the emission height is 7.15 mm. QCLs are electrically isolated from their C-mounts. Please see the Handling tab for more tips and information for handling these laser packages.

Drivers and Temperature Controllers
Typical distributed feedback QCL voltages are 9 - 11 V. Thorlabs offers current controllers in a variety of packages, some of which can also drive an external temperature regulation system. We particularly recommend the ITC4005QCL controller, which is specifically designed for QCLs with high compliance voltages and is our only controller that supports all of our mid-IR lasers. Other compatible controllers are listed in the Drivers tab. Due to these lasers' heat loads, we recommend that they be mounted in a thermally conductive housing to prevent heat buildup during operation. Heat loads for distributed feedback QCLs can be up to 9 W. We are currently developing a mount with active temperature control for the two-tab C-mount package.



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