Butterfly Mount and Controller Combination


Complete LD/TEC Controller with Mount

  • 14-Pin Butterfly Package
  • Complete LD/TEC Driver for BOAs, SOAs, SLDs, or FPLs
  • Drive Currents up to 1 A


  • Laser Diode Driver Integrated with TEC Controller
  • 14-Pin Butterfly Mount
  • Controlled via RS-232 Interface
  • Laser-Enabled LED Indicator
  • Suited for Use with BOAs, SOAs, SLDs, and FPLs

The LDC1300B Laser Diode Controller combines a laser driver, thermoelectric cooler (TEC) controller, and butterfly mount into a compact package that can be controlled through an RS-232 interface. The controller is well suited for use with our Fabry-Perot Lasers, Superluminescent Diodes, Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOA), and Booster Optical Amplifiers (BOA) that have an integrated TEC in a 14-pin butterfly package.

The LDC drive board can deliver source currents up to 1 A and TEC currents of 2.5 A. The controller is adjusted for stable operation at 25 °C, assuming adequate heat sinking of the device. An LED indicator light is illuminated when the laser diode is enabled. The controller is also equipped with a monitor photodiode sensor that has an FC mating port that can be used to measure the output power (in either dBm or mW) of the device.

Each unit ships with an external 5 V power supply, location-specific power cord, RS-232 cable, driver software, and a manual. The included software provides complete computer control of the Laser Diode Controller System. If desired, all current settings for the connected device can be saved in non-volatile memory and implemented each time power is turned on. A drawing of the LDC1300B can be found in the attached spec sheet.


Electrical ParametersMinTypicalMax
Supply Current     2.4 A
Supply Voltage 4.5 V 5 V 5.5 V
Drive Current     1000 mA
Drive Current Resolution   16 Bit  
TEC Set Point 10 oC   40 oC
TEC Step   0.1 oC  
Update Rate   3 Hz  
Computer Interface
Compatibility Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP
Interface RS-232
Operation Temperature*  25 oC
Footprint 85 mm x 140 mm (3.35" x 5.51")

*The chip temperature will be maintained by the TEC as long as the case is maintained at a temperature between 0 and 70 oC


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