Compact LD / TEC Controller with Touch Screen


Compact Laser Diode Driver with TEC and Mount

  • Compact, All-in-One Current Source, Temperature Controller, and Mount
  • Compatible with Thorlabs NIR and IR Butterfly Lasers
  • Touch Screen Controlled and Remotely Programmable


  • Operates in Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Controlled Locally with Touch Panel GUI or Remotely over USB
  • Provides up to 1.5 A of Drive Current and up to 3.0 A of TEC Current
  • Integrated Butterfly Mount Compatible with Thorlabs' Laser Products
  • Compact Size: 111 mm x 73.5 mm x 169.2 mm (4.37" x 2.9" x 6.66")

Thorlabs is pleased to offer the CLD1015 Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller, which comprises a complete driver package for fiber-coupled lasers, superluminescent diodes, and laser amplifiers in butterfly packages. The all-in-one unit supplies up to 1.5 A of drive current, making it compatible with Thorlabs' entire family of pigtailed diode lasers; maintains the diode temperature with 0.01° C precision, providing a high degree of output stability and prolonging the life of the diode; and contains a built-in mount for portability and mechanical stability. No additional equipment is needed to operate a laser diode. It also includes a full complement of safety features, such as a soft start mode, current and temperature limits, and external interlock compatibility, in addition to advanced features, including a switchable noise reduction filter and a modulation input, usually only found on more expensive units.

This laser driver's control interface makes it easy to tune, tweak, and optimize the laser output parameters. It is based upon a 4.3" diagonal, colored touch screen display that responds instantly to taps. The flat, intuitive menu system provides visual feedback as the hierarchy is navigated, and the user is never more than two taps away from the home screen. For screenshots of the interface, please see the Display tab. A mini-USB connector on the rear of the unit enables remote control using several common programming languages, including LabVIEW and the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) standard. For the full array of options, please refer to the Specs tab.

A significant advantage of the CLD1015 is its compact size. When fully assembled, it measures just 4.37" x 2.9" x 6.66" (111 mm x 73.5 mm x 169.2 mm), ideal for closely packed setups. Two built-in ports on the back of the unit are sized for feeding through a fiber-coupled input and output, and are compatible with Thorlabs' FC to FC Mating Sleeves (not included). A magnetically sealed lid protects the butterfly package from the user, particulates, and other lab hazards, and encloses the laser diode in the unit. Two mounting clips, compatible with 1/4"-20 and M6 bolts, are supplied with the CLD1015 to secure it to a breadboard.

When used together with Thorlabs' line of pigtailed laser diodes, fiber-coupled superluminescent diodes, and fiber-coupled amplifiers, the CLD1015 is a friendly, compact, and complete operational solution. Thorlabs also manufactures customized, application-specific butterfly mounts for OEM customers.


Key Specifications
Laser Diode Current Output 1.5 A @ 4 V (Max)
Laser Diode Current Limit 1 mA to 1.5 A
Laser Diode Current Resolution 100 µA
Monitor Diode Range 0 to 2 mA (Low)
0 to 20 mA (High)
Monitor Diode Resolution 0.1 µA (Low)
1 µA (High)
Thermoelectric Cooler Current 3.0 A @ 4.7 V (Max)
Temperature Tuning Rangea -55 °C to +150 °C (Max)
Temperature Resolution 0.01 °C
Switchable Noise Reduction Filter 5 µA RMS (Typ.)
Modulation Input Bandwidth 250 kHz (3 dB)

a The exact range is limited by the physical parameters of the thermistor.


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