Current and TEC Controller


Combined Laser Diode and TEC Controllers

  • Provides Laser Currents up to 1 A, 5 A, or 20 A
  • Supports TEC Currents up to ±8 A or ±15 A
  • 20 V Compliance Voltage Version for Driving QCL and ICL Lasers
  • Excellent 24hr Temperature Stability (0.002°C)

 Laser Diode Controller Features

  • Operate with Anode- or Cathode-Grounded Laser Diodes and Photodiodes
  • 20 V Compliance Voltage Version Capable of Driving High-Power QCLs
  • Also Capable of Driving LEDs in CW
  • Continuous Wave or Quasi-Continuous Wave Operation
  • Internal Function Generator for Analog Modulation
  • External Modulation Input
  • Analog Monitor Output for the Laser Current
  • Laser Diode Voltage Measurement
  • Active Power Management for Efficient Operation
  • Compatible Optical Detectors
    • Photodiodes
    • Thermopiles
    • Common Sensor Amplifiers
    • Power Meters with Voltage Output
  • Laser Diode Control Modes
    • Constant Current (CC)
    • Constant Power (CP)
  • Enhanced Laser Diode Protection Features
    • Adjustable Laser Current Limit
    • Adjustable Laser Power Limit
    • Laser Over Voltage Protection
    • Over Temperature Protection















TEC Controller Features

  • Excellent Temperature Stability:
    0.002 °C (24 hrs)
  • Digital PID Control with Separate
    P, I, D Settings
  • Auto PID Tuning Function
  • Adjustable Temperature Sensor Offset
  • Compatible Temperature Sensors
    • NTC Thermistors
    • Current Temperature Sensors
    • Voltage Temperature Sensors
    • Platinum RTD Temperature Sensors
  • TEC Control Modes
    • Constant Temperature
    • Constant Current
  • Enhanced TEC Security Features
    • Adjustable TEC
      Current Limit
    • Adjustable Temperature Limits
    • Temperature Window Protection
    • Fault Connection and Sensor Alarm



Thorlabs' Combined Laser Diode and TEC Controllers combine the functionality of a LDC4000 series current controller and a TED4015 temperature controller in a single device. They are designed to provide precise, stable current for laser diodes with maximum operating currents from 1 to 20 A (see the table to the lower right for details) and excellent temperature stabilization to within 0.002 °C over a period of 24 hrs. In addition to our standard versions which have a compliance voltage of 11 or 12 V, the ITC4005QCL can provide up to 20 V to drive QCL and ICL lasers.

The controllers are compatible with all laser diode and monitor diode pin configurations and feature a constant current (CC) or constant power (CP) mode. Most common temperature sensors can be used, and the ITC4000 can be adapted to different thermal loads via a digital PID controller. It offers an auto-tune PID function or separate control of the P, I, and D parameters. For more details about these features please see the More Info tab. The controllers are also compatible with our line of laser mounts, some of which also include TEC elements.

The ITC4000 devices are controlled via front panel keys and intuitive operation menus on a large and easy-to-read graphic LCD display (see the Display tab for sample screens). Additionally, the ITC4000 Series can be controlled by a SCPI-compatible USB Interface. A higher setting and measurement resolution is offered via USB operation since the front panel resolution is limited by the resolution of the display. Various outputs and a digital I/O port offer many control and connectivity options. The built-in function generator allows analog modulation of the laser output out of the box.

These controllers offer many advanced features such as Quasi-Continuous Wave (QCW) operation mode, easy auto-tune PID, and diverse laser diode and TEC element protection (see the More Info tab). The controller design also provides silent and power-efficient operation. These features make the ITC4000 Series an ideal choice for safe and secure operation of medium- to high-power laser diodes and LEDs either in the lab or in production environments.


Item #aITC4001ITC4005ITC4005QCLITC4020
Current Control Range 0 to 1 A 0 to 5 A 0 to 5 A 0 to 20 A
Compliance Voltage 11 V 12 V 20 Vb 11 V
Photocurrent Measurement Ranges 2 mA / 20 mA
QCWc Mode Pulse
Width Range
100 µs to 1 s
QCWd Repetition
Rate Range
1 ms to 5 s (0.2 to 1000 Hz)
TEC Current Range -8 to +8 A -15 to +15 A
TEC Compliance Voltage >12 V >15 V
TEC Output Power (Max) >96 W >225 W
Temperature Range (Max) -55 to +150 °Cd
Supported Temperature Sensors Thermistors, Pt100, Pt1000, AD590, AD592, LM335, LM235, LM135, LM35
  • For complete specifications, see the Specs tab
  • The ITC4005QCL has a high compliance voltage designed to support our higher-power QCLs. Information on the compatibility of this driver with our QCLs and ICLs can be found on the Drivers tab here.
  • Quasi-Continuous Wave
  • The applicable control range depends on the sensor parameters.


Laser Diode Connector Cables

Item #CAB4005CAB4006CON4005
Click Image to Enlarge CAB4005 CAB4006 CON4005
Description Standard Laser Diode Cable High Current Laser Diode Cable 13W3 Male and Female
Connector Kit (One Each)
Max Current 5 A 20 A 20 A
Connector Type 13W3 Male to DB-9 Male 13W3 Male to 13W3 Male Loose 13W3 Connectors,
Male and Female



TEC Element Connector Cables

Item #CAB4000CAB4001CON4001
Click Image to Enlarge CAB4000 CAB4001 CON4001
Description Standard TEC Element Cable High Current TEC Element Cable 17W2 Male and Female
Connector Kit (One Each)
Max Current 5 A 20 A 20 A
Connector Type 17W2 Male to DB-9 Female 17W2 Male to 17W2 Male Loose 17W2 Connectors,
Male and Female


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