Tapered Amplifier Controller


Tapered Amplifier Mount and Driver

  • Compatible with Thorlabs Tapered Amplifiers
  • Integrated Current and TEC Controllers
  • Drive Current up to 2.5 A
  • 14-Pin Butterfly Package Mount


  • Designed for Thorlabs' Tapered Amplifiers
  • Integrated Current and TEC Controllers
  • Compatible with 14-Pin Butterfly Packages
  • Drive Current up to 2.5 A
  • Dual TEC for Chip and Package Temperature Control
  • Mounting Holes for Securing to Optical Table or Breadboard
  • USB Connectivity or Stand-Alone Operation

Thorlabs has designed a Tapered Amplifier Controller that is ideal for use with our 14-pin butterfly Tapered Amplifiers. Under normal operation conditions, the tapered amplifier generates too much heat for the standard butterfly package controllers (such as Thorlabs' LM14S2) to handle. The LDC2500B has two TEC's and specially designed heat sinks to address the problem of overheating. The case temperature of the tapered amplifiers is controlled by the second TEC in order to stabilize their gain and to keep the chip temperature under control (typically 25 - 30 °C).

Since tapered amplifiers emit high-power light and are sensitive to back reflections, an optical isolator should be used in conjunction with the controller and the tapered amplifier. Thorlabs' IO-3-780-HP and the IO-3-850-HP are both good optical isolator choices for the beam output power level and size.

To address the large amount of heat generated by tapered amplifiers, the controller incorporates a robust cooling system that includes heat sinks, a TEC element, and a low-noise fan. It is still recommended to mount this controller on a water-cooled breadboard, such as the MBC12, to minimize surface heating when sensitive experiments are being performed.

To change the setpoints of this integrated controller, a computer needs to be connected to the mount through the USB interface. Once the parameters are set and stored in the LDC2500B, they are retained through power-up and power-down cycles. The LDC2500B is specially designed to drive our butterfly-packaged tapered amplifiers.


  Min Typical Max
Drive Current 50 mA -- 2.5 A
Compliance Voltage -- -- 2.5 V
Current Stability -- ±2 mA --
Temperature Stability -- ±0.1 °C --
TEC Current -- -- ±2.5 A
Cooling Capacitya -- 10 W --
Power Consumption -- 30 W --
Operation Temperatureb 5 °C -- 40 °C
Power Supply -- 12 V / 5 A --
Computer Interface
Compatibility Windows XP or Later
Interface USB
  • Dependent on Ambient Temperature
  • Non-Condensing Environment


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