PRO8 Rack Controllers


PRO8 Laser Diode Current Control Modules

  • Ultra-stable Current Control
  • Extensive Lasr Diode Protection
  • External Modulation of Laser Output

Seven Models to Choose from:

  • ±100 mA Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8001
  • ±200 mA Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8002
  • ±500 mA Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8005
  • ±1 A Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8010
  • ±2 A Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8020
  • ±4 A Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8040
  • ±8 A Laser Diode Current Controller Module: LDC8080


  • Current Ranges: 0 to ±100 mA, ±200 mA, ±500 mA, ±1 A, ±2 A, ±4 A, ±8 A
  • Supports Anode Ground (AG) and Cathode Ground (CG) Polarities
  • Supports Constant Current (CC) and Constant Power (CP) Operation
  • 3 dB Analog Modulation Bandwidth DC up to 200 kHz
  • 16-Bit Setting Resolution
  • Full Laser Protection


The LDC8000 Series Laser Diode Controller Modules for the PRO8 platform provide “best in class” performance. All of these current control modules have extremely low noise and drift, resulting in exceptional laser stability.

Seven Current Ranges

Seven different current controller modules are available, with maximum output currents ranging from 100 mA up to 8 A. The drive current can be set precisely with 16-bit resolution - one part in 65,000. All LDC8000 Modules can be operated in either constant current (CC), or constant power (CP) mode.

User-Friendly Controls

The PRO8 display menu allows easy configuration of any module in the chassis. Mneumonic symbols provide user-friendly access to all operational parameters. All settings are retained in memory and automatically recalled upon powering on the mainframe, as long as modules have not been moved to a different slot.

Built-in Laser Diode Protection Features

The LDC8000 Series Current Control Modules incorporate proven laser protection features to safeguard sensitive laser diodes. Besides common protection functions, such as current limits, soft start and interrupt protection, an advanced circuit design ensures that AC power-line transients or power outages, as well as RF pickup can not affect the laser diode.

For each current module, three independent limits can be set to safeguard the laser. Two of the limits are programmable and prevent the laser current and the laser power from exceeding the user defined maximum values. The third limit is set via a recessed front panel trim-pot that defines a “hardware” current limit and protects against programming errors and accidential adjustment of the front panel knob. Even while externally modulating the laser current, it is not possible to exceed either the hard or soft limits, whichever is lower. After activating the laser diode a soft-start function smoothly increases the laser current without overshoots and spikes.

Even in the case of an AC power interruption, the laser current remains transient-free. Voltage peaks on the AC line are effectively suppressed by electronic filters, shielding of the transformer, and careful grounding of the modules and chassis. The LDC8000 Series meets the international requirements regarding laser protection (e.g. CDRH US21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1). All PRO8 systems include a key-operated power switch and an interlock.

To connect an LDC8001, LDC8002, LDC8005, LDC8010, LDC8020, or LDC8040 current controller to our TEC Mounts, a CAB400 cable (length 1.5 m) is required and can be ordered below. Note: Thorlabs does not offer a compatible cable for the LDC8080.7


Current Control
Control Range (Continuous) (A): 0 to ±0.100 0 to ±0.200 0 to ±0.500 0 to ±1 0 to ±2 0 to ±4 0 to ±8c
Compliance Voltage: >2.5 V >5 V >5 V >5 V >5 V >5 V >5 V
Setting Resolution: 1.5 µA 3 µA 7.5 µA 15 µA 30 µA 70 µA 130 µA
Setting Accuracy (Full Scale): ±0.05% ±0.05% ±0.05% ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.3%
Noise Without Ripple
(10 Hz To 10 MHz, RMS, Typical):
Ripple (50/60 hz, RMS, Typical): <0.8 µA <1.5 µA 
Transients (Processor, Typical):  
Transients (Other, Typical): <0.100 mA <0.200 mA <0.500 mA  
Drift 60 min/24 h (µA)
(typ., 0-10 Hz, at Constant Ambient Temp.):
<0.5 / <1.5 <0.5 / <1.5  
Temperature Coefficient:  
Power Control
Control Range of Photo Current: 10 µA to 5 mA (Other Ranges Available upon Request)
Reverse Bias Voltage: 0 / 5 V (Switchable)
Resolution: 100 nA
Accuracy (Full Scale): ± 0.05%
Current Limit
Setting Range (20-Turn Trim-Pot) (A): 0 to ≥0.100 0 to ≥0.200 0 to ≥0.500 0 to ≥1 0 to ≥2 0 to ≥4 0 to ≥8
Resolution: 3 µA 6 µA 15 µA 30 µA 60 µA 130 µA 250 µA
Accuracy: ±0.100 mA ±0.200 mA ±0.500 mA ±2 mA ±4 mA ±8 mA ±50 mA
Power Limit
Photo Current Range: 0 to 5 mA
Resolution: 1.25 µA
Accuracy: ±50 µA
Laser Voltage Measurement
Measurement Principle: 4-Wire (Improves Accuracy by Compensating for Cable Resistance)
Measurement Range: 0 to 5 V
Resolution: 0.2 mV
Accuracy: ±5 mV
Analog Modulation Input
Input Resistance: 10 kΩ
3dB-Bandwidth, CCa (kHz): DC to 2.5 DC to 200 DC to 100 DC to 50 DC to 30 DC to 20 DC to 10
Modulation Coefficient, CC (mA/V): 10 ± 5% 20 ± 5% 50 ± 5% 100 ± 5% 200 ± 5% 400 ± 5% 800 ± 5%
Modulation Coefficient, CP (mA/V): 0.5 ± 5%
Rise & Fall Time, (Typical)b:  
Connector Type: BNC


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