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Er-Doped Fiber ASE Source


C & L Band High Power White Light Source

  • Additional L-Band Power
  • High Power (30 mW) Version of Our Most Popular Model
  • Designed to Perform Well Beyond the Industry Standard


  • Additional L-Band Power
  • High Power (30 mW) Version of Our Most Popular Model
  • Easy Operation

The ASE730 White Light Test Source is a low noise, high power C&L source that delivers more than +15 dBm of output power across the C&L Band wavelength. It is designed to perform well beyond the industry standard. Key features of all our ASE products include low intensity noise, broadband output, and exceptional wavelength stability. This ASE Source takes advantage of Erbium-doped fluoride fiber, pumped with a single 1480 nm laser diode, to produce 30 mW (15 dBm) of broadband "white light". This rare-earth fiber design allows for a higher degree of power and wavelength stability than conventional silica fibers with multiple pumping lasers. The output fiber is a standard SMF-28 silica fiber.

Thorlabs also offers a Single Mode Benchtop SLD Source that provides a minimum of 22 mW of output power in the 1535 - 1565 nm range. This alternative may be suitable for some C&L Band applications.


ASE730 Specifications
Total Output Power >+15 dBm(30 mW)
Spectral Power Density (Typical) >-18 dBm/nm at 1530 nm; >-11 dBm/nm at 1540-1600 nm;
>-18 dBm/nm at 1610 nm
Output Power Stability 0.001 dB (15 min. After 1 h Warmup); 0.005 dB Maximum
Wavelength Range 1530 nm - 1610 nm
Output Connector FC/PC
Output Fiber SMF-28
Size (mm) 88(H) x 230(W) x 352(D); 19" Rack-Mount Compatible
Operation Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage Temperature 10 °C to 45 °C
Warranty 2 years


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