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High Power Light Sources


Solid State Light Source

  • Wavelength Range of 350 - 700 nm
  • 10,000 Hours Typical Lifetime*
  • Adjustable Intensity Output


  • Ultra-Low Flicker
  • Useful Lifetime More than Five Times Conventional
    Xenon Lamps (10,000 hrs at >50% Intensity)
  • Less than 2% the Mercury Content of Typical HID Lamps
  • Free-Space, Focused Beam Output
  • USB 2.0 Connection and GUI Interface Included

Thorlabs' High-Power Light Sources are solid-state plasma light sources (LIFI®) that combine the best features of solid-state electronics and full spectrum plasma emitters. The HPLS series uses a dielectric resonant cavity to efficiently couple power from a solid-state power amplifier into a high-intensity discharge vessel unlike other electrodeless sources. The results are a long life (>10,000 hours*, or five times longer than a conventional arc lamp) and a complete color spectrum, making this source ideal for applications such as endoscopy, microscopy, and other medical lighting and inspection applications. This unit also offers many additional features including a USB 2.0 control interface and instantaneous intensity dimming.

Emission Spectrum

At the heart of LIFI® is the bulb sub-assembly where a sealed bulb is embedded in a dielectric material. This design is more reliable than conventional light sources that insert degradable electrodes into the bulb. The dielectric material serves two purposes: first as a waveguide for the RF energy transmitted by the RF Power Amplifier Circuit (PA) and second as an electric field concentrator that focuses energy in the bulb. The energy from the electric field rapidly heats the material in the bulb to a plasma state that emits light of high intensity over a full spectrum (see the table above). This long-lived, cost-effective bulb is not replaceable by the user; please contact Tech Support for a replacement quote.

Models listed on this page do not accept a fiber connector. For applications where fiber-coupled light is preferred, Thorlabs offers LIFI-based plasma lamps with an integrated liquid light guide, designed for use with Thorlabs' Liquid Light Guide fibers.

*Note: The lifetime of >10,000 hours is rated as the time when intensity reaches 50% of the original output.



Item #HPLS-30-02HPLS-30-03HPLS-30-04
Wavelength Range 350 to 700 nm
Time to Brightness
(Turn on to 90%)
10 s Typical (30 s Max)
Typical Luminous Flux 2260 lm 1950 lm 2800 lm
Correlated Color Temp (Typical) 6400 Kelvin 7650 Kelvin 6500 Kelvin
UVA Output (315 - 400 nm) 0.6 W
(UV Screened)
1.0 W (Typical) 0.6 W
(UV Screened)
VIS Output (400 - 750 nm)a 10.2 W
NIR Output (750 - 1400 nm)a 2.5 W
IR Output (1400 - 3000 nm)a 0.6 W
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.5 0.5 0.66
  • Measured into 5 mm diameter circular aperture with NA = 0.5
Item #HPLS-30-02HPLS-30-03HPLS-30-04
Wavelength Range 350 to 700 nm
Focal Point from Tip of Cone 7.4 mm 7.4 mm 8.36 mm
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 94
Time to Brightness (Turn on to 90%) 10 sec Typ (30 sec Max)
Minimum Luminous Flux 1920 lm 1830 lm 2400 lm
Typical Luminous Flux 2260 lm 1950 lm 2800 lm
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.5 0.5 0.66
Rated Average Lifetime 10,000 Hours at 50% Intensity
Dimming Range 30% to 100%
Correlated Color Temperature 6100 Kelvin (Min)
6400 Kelvin (Typical)
6700 Kelvin (Max)
7650 Kelvin (Typ) 6500 Kelvin (Typ)
UVA Output (315 - 400 nm)* 0.6 W (Max)
UV Screened
0.85 W (Min)
1.0 W (Typ)
1.2 W (Max)
0.6 W (Max)
UV Screened
VIS Output (400 - 750 nm)* 10.2 W
NIR Output (750 - 1400 nm)* 2.5 W
IR Output (1400 - 3000 nm)* 0.6 W
1931 CIE Color Coordinate (X) 0.304 CIEx (Min)
0.314 CIEx (Typ)
0.324 CIEx (Max)
0.281 CIEx (Min)
0.301 CIEx (Typ)
0.321 CIEx (Max)
0.306 CIEx (Min)
0.312 CIEx (Typ)
0.318 CIEx (Max)
1931 CIE Color Coordinate (Y) 0.329 CIEy (Min)
0.339 CIEy (Typ)
0.349 CIEy (Max)
0.305 CIEy (Min)
0.325 CIEy (Typ)
0.345 CIEy (Max)
0.326 CIEy (Min)
0.333 CIEy (Typ)
0.340 CIEy (Max)
AC Line Voltage 85 VAC to 264 VAC
DC Input Voltage 28 VDC (Rated at 8.5 A)
Nominal Power Use 230 W

*Measured into 5 mm diameter circular aperture with NA=0.5


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