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Plasma Light Source with Liquid Light Guide


Solid State Plasma Light Source with Liquid Light Guide

  • Broad UV to NIR Output Spectrum with High Color Retaining Index
  • Integrated Ø3 mm or Ø5 mm Liquid Light Guide
  • Lifetime >10,000 Hours


  • Output Spectrum: 400 - 700 nm
  • Broadband Light Source Coupled to a Liquid Light Guide (LLG)
    • HPLS243 Includes 3 mm Core Diameter, 1.2 m (4') Long LLG (LLG0338-4)
    • HPLS245 Includes 5 mm Core Diameter, 1.2 m (4') Long LLG (LLG0538-4)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 94*
  • Dimming Range: 30 - 100%
  • Five Times Longer Lifetime than Conventional Xenon Lamps (>10,000 Hours**)
  • USB 2.0 Connection and Control Software Included
  • Power Supply is Included

Thorlabs' high-power, solid-state, plasma light sources (LIFI®) combine the best features of solid-stage electronics and full spectrum plasma emitters. These light sources use a dielectric resonant cavity to efficiently couple power from a solid-state power amplifier through a high-intensity discharge vessel and into the included Liquid Light Guide. The results are a long life (>10,000 hours**, or five times longer than a conventional arc lamp) and a complete color spectrum, making this source ideal for applications such as endoscopy, microscopy, and other medical lighting and inspection applications. This unit also offers many additional features including a USB 2.0 control interface and intensity dimming.

Emission Spectrum

The compact design of the HPLS200 series incorporates a plasma lamp, lamp assembly, and universal (85 - 264 VAC) power supply in one enclosure. The display, controls, and power switch are located on the front of the unit. Lamp ON and intensity can be controlled from the front panel, as well as with the control software. The USB interface, AC cord, and liquid light guide (LLG) mount are located in the rear of the unit. This long-lived plasma lamp is not replaceable by the user; please contact Tech Support for a replacement quote.

The output port of these solid state plasma light sources is equipped with a mount that accepts the included Thorlabs' Ø3 mm or Ø5 mm LLG. The light source design enables airflow and monitoring of the LLG tip temperature, which prevents overheating. To further protect the LLG, a hot mirror is placed just before the LLG tip. A safety system prevents lamp operation if an LLG is not attached.

For applications that would benefit from a free-space output, Thorlabs offers LIFI-based plasma lamps with free-space emission.


Item #HPLS243HPLS245
Wavelength Range 400 to 700 nm
Included Liquid Light Guide Ø3 mm Core Ø5 mm Core
Liquid Light Guide (LLG) Mount 3 mm and 5 mm LLG
Color Rendering Index (CRI)a 94
Optical Power at LLG Tip Output 2.5 W 6.0 W
Time to Brightness (Turn on to 90%) 10 s Typical (30 s Max)
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.66b
Rated Average Lifetime 10,000 Hours at 50% Intensityc
Dimming Range 30% to 100%
Correlated Color Temperature 6500 Kelvin (Typical)
AC Line Voltage 85 VAC to 264 VAC
Nominal Power Use 230 W
Cooling Fan Control Pulse Width Modulation Controller
Dimensions (with Feet Attached) 9.47" x 7.22" x 6.67" (241 x 183 x 169 mm)
  • Prior to LLG
  • The focusing lens inside the nose cone of the light source has a NA of 0.66. The LLG is placed at the focal point of this lens.
  • The lifetime of >10,000 hours is rated as the time when intensity reaches 50% of the original output.


Collimating Microscope Adapters


Thorlabs offers collimation adapters with AR-coated aspheric condenser lenses (EFL = 40 mm) for collimating the output from our High-Power Light Sources. Four different collimator housings are available; each is designed to mate to the illumination port on an Olympus IX/BX, Leica DMI, Zeiss Axioskop, or Nikon Eclipse Ti microscope.

These adapters quickly mount onto the end of either the Ø3 mm or Ø5 mm Liquid Light Guide (LLG). The LLG is secured via a setscrew into the back of the collimator. The addition of these adapters allows the user to incorporate our HPLS200 series lamps into a microscope illumination port.

Optic Specifications
Item # ACL5040-A
AR Coating 350 nm - 700 nm
Focal Length 40.00 mm ± 5%
NA 0.554
Magnification Infinite
Surface Quality 60-40 Scratch-Dig
Olympus BX & IX
Leica DMI
Zeiss Axioskop
Nikon Eclipse Ti
Item Photo
(Click to Enlarge)
Olympus BX & IX Microscope Adapter Leica DMI Microscope Adapter Zeiss Axioskop Microscope Adapter Nikon Eclipse Ti Microscope Adapter
LLG Diameter 3 mm 5 mm 3 mm 5 mm 3 mm 5 mm 3 mm 5 mm


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