Collimated LEDs


Collimated LED Light Sources

  • UV, Visible, and NIR LEDs
  • Mounted LED with Adjustable Collimation Optic
  • Epi-lllumunation Port Compatible with Olympus, Leica, Nikon, and Zeiss Microscopes


  • Illumination Source for Microscope Epi-Illumination Ports, Projectors, and Custom Imaging Systems
  • Optimized Thermal Management Provides Output Intensity Stability
  • Adjustable Aspheric Collimation Optic with Low f/# (Approximately 0.8)
  • Integrated Identification Chip (EEPROM) Stores LED Operating Parameters
  • 4-Pin Female Mating Connector for Custom Power Supplies can be Purchased Separately
  • Custom Housings Available - Contact Tech Support for Details

Thorlabs' collimated LED assemblies can be easily connected to standard and epi-illumination ports on most readily available commercial microscopes, including Olympus,* Leica, Nikon, and Zeiss. Each collimated LED consists of a high-power mounted LED and a lamphouse-port-compatible housing that contains an AR-coated aspheric collimation optic (see the Specs tab for details). The collimation of the beam can be adjusted by changing the postition of the aspheric lens with respect to the LED. Interchanging LEDs is easy; simply unscrew one LED from the housing and replace it with a different mounted LED (purchased separately). If the wavelength you require is not sold on this page, our mounted high-power LEDs are available in additional wavelengths. We also offer collimation packages, which can be purchased separately from these LEDs.

The approximate total beam power through the collimation adapter is given in the tables below and on the Specs tab. The actual power at the sample plane will be lower due to losses specific to the optical set up of the microscope. If you wish to measure the power at the sample plane for your particular miscroscope setup, Thorlabs also offers a microscope slide power meter.

Like our high-power mounted LEDs, the package of these collimated LEDs is in direct contact with the heat sink to provide excellent thermal management. This minimizes the degradation of optical output power caused by increased LED temperatures. Please see the Stability tab for information on the stable output intensity of these collimated LEDs.

Information concerning compatible controllers is provided on the LED Drivers tab. If the LED is driven with a DC2100, DC4100, or DC4104 controller, the integrated EEPROM chip will identify the LED and allow the controller to automatically set the proper current limit to protect the LED from being overdriven. The DC4100 and DC4104 require the DC4100-HUB when used with these LEDs.

*Due to the optical design of the transmitted lamphouse port of the BX and IX microscopes, it may be necessary to purchase a separate adapter available from Olympus.


Collimated LED Light Sources for Olympus BX and IX Microscopes

  • Approximate Beam Diameter: 50 mm
  • Approximate Beam Area: 1960 mm²
  • AR-Coated Aspheric Collimation Lens (EFL: 40 mm)
  • Cable Length: 2 m


Collimated LED Light Sources for Leica DMI Microscopes

  • Approximate Beam Diameter: 37 mm
  • Approximate Beam Area: 1080 mm²
  • AR-Coated Aspheric Collimation Lens (EFL = 40 mm)
  • Cable Length: 2 m


Collimated LED Light Sources for Nikon Eclipse (Bayonet Mount) Microscopes

  • Approximate Beam Diameter: 43 mm
  • Approximate Beam Area: 1450 mm²
  • AR-Coated Aspheric Collimation Lens (EFL: 40 mm)
  • Cable Length: 2 m


Collimated LED Light Sources for Zeiss Axioskop Microscopes

  • Approximate Beam Diameter: 44 mm
  • Approximate Beam Area: 1520 mm²
  • AR-Coated Aspheric Collimation Lens (EFL: 40 mm)
  • Cable Length: 2 m


Mounted LED Mating Connector

  • Pico (M8) Receptacle
  • Female 4-Pin for Front Mounting
  • 0.5 m Long, 24 AWG Wires
  • M8 x 0.5 Panel Mount Thread
  • IP 67 and NEMA 6P Rated

The CON8ML-4 connector can be used to mate mounted LEDs featured on this page to user-supplied power supplies. We also offer a male 4-Pin M8 connector cable.


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