ESD Protection


Antistatic/ESD Guard Products

  • 2' x 4' ESD Table Mat
  • Two ESD Wrist Strap Options

Our expanding line of antistatic/ESD products provide protection while handling laser diodes, amplified photodetectors, and other static-sensitive devices.

Products available include:

  • Two Different Wrist Straps
  • Table Mat

ESD Table Mat

* Heavy-Duty 2' x 4' Table Mat
* Static Charge Decay of 50 ms

Thorlabs' Static Control 2' x 4' Table Mat provides a static dissipative surface to protect sensitive optoelectronic components from damaging electrostatic discharge. These heavy-duty mats have a 50 ms static charge decay time, ensuring protection under extreme conditions. Our ESD wrist straps (WS01, WS02 below) can be connected to that mat, which is necessary when grounding yourself while handling sensitive electronic devices.


ESD Wrist Straps

* WS01 is a Black Metal Strap with 12' Grounding Wire
* WS02 is a Blue Fabric Strap with 6' Grounding Wire
* Removes Static Charges When Handling Static-Sensitive Devices

Thorlabs' Grounding Wrist Straps safely remove static charges from individuals who handle laser diodes, amplified photodetectors, and other static-sensitive devices. The ground cord has a built-in 1 MW resistor for user safety, and the strap works with our Static Control Table Mat to protect against static discharge.The WS01 premium expandable metal band is flexible, durable, and comfortable, allowing for extended use. It includes an alligator clip that fits over the installed banana jack on the 12' long grounding cord. The WS01 has a relaxed (i.e., not stretched) circumference of 5.5". The WS02 fabric strap, available in one size, includes a 6' coiled cord and alligator clip to provide ground connection. Please note that the color of the cord and wrist strap may vary from lot to lot.


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