Laser Barrier


Laser Safety Barrier

  • 5' x 6' Laser Barrier
  • No-Trip Base Design
  • High CW and Pulsed Damage Thresholds


  • Portable 5' x 6' (1.5 m x 1.8 m) Barrier
  • ANSI and EN Certified*
  • Modular Design with Coupling Strip for Connecting Barriers in Series
  • No-Trip Design Base Eliminates Cross-Feet
  • All Components are Stored Within Base
  • Easy-to-Assemble Design Based on Our 25 mm Construction Rails

Laser safety barriers are an essential component in high-power laser labs where scattered light must be blocked to avoid the potential for irreparable eye damage. Our SB5X6 Laser Barriers are designed for use in labs with high-power CW or pulsed lasers. The barriers meet both ANSI and EN requirements for certification. For more details, including damage threshold levels, please see the Certification tab.

Compact Design
The 5' x 6' (1.5 m x 1.8 m) barrier is supported by a base with a footprint of only 60.2" x 12.3" (1.5 m x 30.8 cm). By not using cross-feet, the base eliminates the tripping hazard that many other laser barriers create. Mobility is provided via two fixed wheels on one end and two leveling feet on the other end. When one side of the barrier is lifted, it can be easily transported around your lab. When lowered, the leveling feet ensure that the barrier will remain stationary.

All construction components are stored in the base upon shipment. The barrier design is based on our 25 mm Construction Rails, which bolt together using locking collars and 1/4"-20 cap screws. The barrier material simply wraps around the construction rods and is secured onto the rods using hook and loop fasteners.

Couple Barriers Together
When a longer barrier is needed, multiple barriers can be connected in series with an included strip of laser barrier material. These strips attach to the barrier using hook and loop fasteners, making large barriers easy to build.

Safety Considerations
To block both CW and pulsed lasers, these barriers consist of two different materials. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each type of material are available by clicking on the red Docs icon below. The interior of the barrier material contains fiberglass sealed underneath a coating. If the fiberglass becomes exposed, it may act as a skin irritant.

If the barrier material is damaged (i.e., by laser burns, physical tears, etc.), the curtain should be replaced immediately. 

The barrier materials have been tested individually by a 3rd party using ANSI or EN specifications as applicable. Due to manufacturing variances, mechanical wear, and laser damage, Thorlabs assumes no responsibility for laser barrier failure. Please consult your laser safety specialist before purchasing to ensure that the barrier is suitable for your application. To minimize risk, inspect the barrier before each use and ensure that it is in excellent condition.


EN Certification
CertificationTest ParametersDamage Threshold
EN 12254:D 10.6 µm Wavelength (CW) 230 W/cm2
EN 12254:D 1064 nm Wavelength (CW) 175 W/cm2
EN 12254:1998, I, A7 1064 nm Wavelength, 200 µs Pulses, 20 Hz 47 J/cm2
EN 12254:1998, R, A6 1064 nm Wavelength, 7 ns Pulses, 20 Hz -
EN 12254:1998, R, A6 532 nm Wavelength, 5 ns Pulses, 20 Hz -


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