M3 x 0.25 Adjustment


Hex Adjusters, M3 x 0.25 mm Fine

  • Hex Adjusters and Adjusters with Knobs
  • Exceed Class 3 Tolerance
  • 250 µm Travel Per Revolution


  • Hex Adjusters Feature a 1.5 mm Hex Socket
  • Removable Adjustment Knob Available for Hex Adjusters
  • Adjuster Screws with Integrated Adjustment Knob
  • Threaded Bushings, Nuts, and Lock Nuts for Threading Integration

The F3SS series adjuster screws are ideal for limited space applications that require fine (250 μm/rev) resolution. Each threaded component is individually tested with a master gauge set that ensures the inter-changeability of our fine adjustment components. The hex adjusters feature a 1.5 mm hex socket, which provides a simple way to make fine adjustments. The fine adjuster screws come lubricated to ensure smooth mating into compatible components.


M3 x 0.25 Fine Hex Adjusters

* Six Lengths Available from 8 to 25 mm
* 1.5 mm Hex Key Compatible
* Max Load: 8.5 kg (18.75 lbs)

Our high precision M3 x 0.25 Fine Hex Adjusters can be adjusted with a 1.5 mm hex key or with our F3SSK1 removable adjustment knob. The F3SS series hex adjusters have a maximum load of 18.75 lbs (8.5 kg).


M3 x 0.25 Adjustment Screws with Knob

* 15 mm and 20 mm Long Adjusters Available
* Max Load: 8.5 kg (18.75 lbs)

Our high precision MAS Series M3 x 0.25 adjustment screws are a convenient drop-in alternative to our F3SS series hex adjusters. The non-slip knurled knob improves adjustment sensitivity.


M3 x 0.25 Removable Adjuster Knob

* Use with M3 x 0.25 Hex Adjusters
* Clearance Hole Allows Access to Hex Socket
* Knurled Knob Increases Adjustment Sensitivity

Our F3SSK1 removable adjustment knob threads on to our M3 x 0.25 F3SS series hex adjusters and allows a user to use the adjuster without a hex key. This provides quick and easy adjustments for a broad range of applications.


M3 x 0.25 Threaded Bushing

* Ideal for Slip Fit Applications
* Material: 510 Phosphor Bronze (Vacuum Rated for 10-6 Torr)
* Recommended Bore Diameter: 0.178" +0.001/-0.000"

Our F3SSN1P M3 x 0.25 threaded bushing is commonly used in slip fit applications where fine adjusters are needed. Due to the tolerances of our fine adjusters, we discourage press fitting these bushings. The recommended bore diameter for our M3 x 0.25 bushings is 0.178" +0.001/-0.000". For vacuum applications, we recommend a thorough ultrasonic cleaning to remove any grease or particulates prior to use.


M3 x 0.25 Adjuster Nut

* Externally M4.5 x 0.5 Threaded
* Material: 510 Phosphor Bronze

Our N250L3P vacuum-compatible ultra-fine adjuster nut is internally M3 x 0.25 threaded and externally M4.5 x 0.5 threaded. These sleeves can be threaded in to M4.5 x 0.5 tapped holes to provide M3 x 0.25 fine adjustment in a variety of applications where threaded bushings are not suitable. For vacuum applications, we recommend a thorough ultrasonic cleaning to remove any grease or particulates prior to use.


M3 x 0.25 Lock Nut

* Knurled Outside Diameter for Easy Tightening
* Material: 510 Phosphor Bronze
* Vacuum Compatible: 10-6 Torr

The LN3M25 lock nut features a knurled outside diameter to make gripping the nut easier when loosening or tightening. The lock nut is made from 510 Phosphor Bronze, which is vacuum rated for 10-6 Torr. Each nut features blind holes that allow a hex key to be used to help tighten the lock nut.


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