1" (25 mm) Travel


Micrometer Drives, 1" (25 mm)

  • 1" (25 mm) Travel Range
  • 0.001" (10 µm) of Travel per Division
  • Spherical Tip
  • Available With or Without a 5/64" (2mm) Hex on the End


  • Chrome-Plated Polished Spindle Improves Accuracy
  • Knurled Adjustment Knob for Grip
  • Standard Ø3/8" (Ø10 mm) Mounting Barrel
  • Engraved Graduations for Accurate Alignment
  • Versions with 5/64" (2 mm) Hex Available

The 150-811ST and 150-811ST-H micrometers provide a travel range of 1.000" and feature engraved graduations every 0.001", while the 150-801ST and 150-801ST-H micrometers provide a travel range of 25.00 mm with 10 µm spacing between graduations. Item numbers ending in -H incorporate a 5/64" (2 mm) hex, allowing them to be actuated in space-constrained environments.

The spherical spindle tip provides a single point of contact, which minimizes positioning alignment errors. These micrometers are included with Thorlabs' PT1 (150-811ST) and PT1/M (150-801ST) translation stages .

Item #150-811ST150-811ST-H150-801ST150-801ST-H
Travel Range 1.000" 25.00 mm
Graduation 0.001" per Division 10 µm per Division
Distance per Rev 0.025" 0.5 mm
Hex N/A 5/64" N/A 2 mm
Load Capacity 4 kg (Max)
Scale Surface Hard-Chrome Plating



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