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T-Cube Brushless DC Servo Controller


T-Cube Brushless DC Servo Controller

  • Drives Brushless DC Servo Motors Up to 2.5 W
  • Seamless Operation with Thorlabs' DDSM Series stages
  • Control via Local Panel or USB Computer Connection
  • Optional USB Hub for Multi-channel Applications

The TBD001 Brushless DC Motor T-Cube is ideal for fast (hundreds of mm/s), high-resolution (

Integrated into the apt family of products, the TBD001 offers Thorlabs' standard control and programming interface, allowing easy integration into the customer's own automated motion control applications. These units are cable of being reprogrammed in-field, allowing the option of upgrading the units with future firmware releases as soon as new programming interfaces (such as microscopy standard command sets) are added.

External triggering is accomplished using the "TRIG IN" and "TRIG OUT" SMA connectors on the front panel of the device. These connectors are controlled via the APT software and provide a 5V logic level input/output that can be configured to support triggering from and to external devices.

The unit has a very small footprint, measuring just 60 mm x 60 mm x 47 mm (2.4" x 2.4" x 1.8"), and can be mounted directly to the optical table, close to the motorized system for added convenience when manually adjusting motor positions using the top panel controls. Table top operation also allows minimal drive cable lengths for easier cable management.

USB connectivity provides easy 'Plug-and-Play' PC-controlled operation. The TBD001 also includes the very user friendly apt™ software, which allows the user to quickly set up complex move sequences.  For example, all relevant operating parameters are set automatically by the software when used with Thorlabs' stage and actuator products. Advanced custom motion control applications and sequences are also possible using the extensive ActiveX® programming environment described in more detail on the Software and APT Tutorials tabs.

Furthermore, multiple units can be connected to a single PC via standard USB hub technology or by using the new T-Cube Controller Hub (TCH002) for multi-axis motion control applications.

Power Supply Options
The preferred power supply (i.e., single channel, multi-channel, or hub-based) depends on the end user's application and whether you already own compatible power supplies. To that end and in keeping with Thorlabs' green initiative, we do not ship these units bundled with a power supply. This avoids the cost and inconvenience of receiving an unwanted single channel supply if a multi-channel or hub-based system would be more appropriate.


T-Cube Brushless DC Servo Controller

* Compact Footprint: 60 mm x 60 mm x 47 mm (2.4" x 2.4" x 1.8")
* Differential Encoder Feedback (QEP Inputs) for Closed-Loop Positioning
* Auto-Configure Function when used with Thorlabs' Brushless DC Stages/Actuators
* Range of PSU Options Available Separately
* USB Plug-and-Play Enables Multi-Axis Expansion
* Easy-to-Use Manual Controls with Velocity Slider and Jog Buttons
* Full Software Control Suite Supplied
* Extensive ActiveX® Programming Interfaces
* Fully Software Integrated with Other apt™ Family Controllers

The TBD001 Brushless DC Motor T-Cube is ideal for motion control applications demanding high speed (100s of mm/s) and high encoder resolution (


TBD001 Compatible Power Supplies


The preferred power supply (i.e., single channel, multi-channel, or hub-based) for your TBD001 Brushless DC Motor Controller depends on your application and whether you already own compatible power supplies. Thus, Thorlabs does not prebundle a power supply with your purchase of the TBD001.


Operation of TBD001
(T-Cube Brushless DC Servo Driver)

Power Supply
Standalone / Single Channel Operation TPS003 2A Power Supply for a Single T-Cube
TPS008 8A Power Supply for up to 4 Brushless T-Cube Drivers
System / Multi-channel Operation TCH002 USB Controller Hub


The TBD001 DC motor controller can be powered using either a TPS003 or a TPS008 power supply or the TCH002 T-Cube Hub and Power Supply. The TPS003 powers a single TBD001 driver, while the TPS008 8A supply can drive up to 4 TBD001 T-Cubes. Both units plug into a standard wall outlet and provide +15 VDC. The TCH002 Hub and Power Supply consists of two parts: the hub, which can support up to six standard-footprint T-cubes, and a power supply that plugs into a standard wall outlet and powers the hub, which in turn powers all the T-cubes connected to the hub. In addition, the hub provides USB connectivity to any docked T-Cube through a single USB connection.


Motor Drive Connector (15 Way D-Type)
Motor Phase Outputs
Stage ID Input
Forward, Reverse Limit Switch Inputs (+ Common Return)
5 V Encoder Supply
Front Panel Controls
Velocity Potentiometer Slider 4-Speed Bidirectional Velocity Control
High/Low Button Gain Response Adjustment of Velocity Pot
Enable Button Channel Engage/Disengage
Motor Drive Current (Peak) 2 A (Continuous)
Pulse Width Modulation Frequency 40 kHz
Control Algorithm 16-Bit Digital PID Servo Loop with Velocity and Acceleration Feedforward
Position Feedback Incremental Encoder
Encoder Feedback Bandwidth 2.5 MHz/ 10 MCounts/sec
Position Counter 32 Bit
Operating Modes Position, Velocity
Velocity Profile Trapezoidal/S-Curve
Input Power Requirements
Voltage 14.5 - 15.5 V Regulated DC
Current 2 A (Peak)
Housing Dimensions (W x D x H) 60 mm x 60 mm x 47 mm (2.4" x 2.4" x 1.8")
Weight 160 g (5.5 oz)



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