5 mm Manual + Optional Piezo


Single-Axis Flexure Stages: 5 mm Travel

  • Differential Adjusters
  • 20 µm Piezo and Closed-Loop Feedback Options
  • Mounting Plate & Angle Bracket Accessories

NFL5 Series NanoFlex Translation Stages

  • Differential Micrometer Drive
  • Open & Closed Loop Piezo Options
  • 5 mm Travel
  • Compact Size: 3.00" (75 mm) Square, 1.18" (30 mm) Thick
  • XYZ-Configurable
  • All Cables are Included

When stability is of the utmost importance, the NanoFlex™ 5 mm travel single-axis compound flexure stages provide ultra smooth translation for applications that are intolerant to the errors inherent in linear bearings. The compound linear symmetrical flexure design ensures true linear motion with zero cross talk over the full range of translation. This is achieved without the use of parts that require controlled contact to maintain their function; all the motion results from the flexing of various structural components within the translator. These features provide uncompromised performance, even when used in harsh environments.

These stages can be stacked in XY, XZ, or XYZ configurations using the optional base plate NFL5P1(/M) and angle bracket NFL5P2(/M) described below. A 3 m long piezo drive cable (SMC to SMC) as well as a 3 m long feedback cable (Lemo to Lemo) are supplied where applicable. 


Single-Axis Flexure Stages: 5 mm Travel

The stages are supplied with a differential micrometer drive, which provides coarse and fine adjustment. An optional piezo drive is available, with or without strain gauge feedback for closed- and open-loop operation respectively. The NFL5 series stage is ideal for a variety of applications, including interferometry, microscopy, and other precision nanopositioning applications.


NFL5 Series Mounting Adapters

* Build XY, XZ and XYZ Configured Stages
* Angle Bracket for Vertical Mounting

The NFL5P1 and NFL5P2 are adapter plates designed for the NFL5 Series of translation stages. The NFL5P1 is a universal base plate with slots on the side that enable obstruction-free mounting onto an optical breadboard. This base is ideal for XY or XYZ multi-axis configurations where the standard counterbores in the middle of the stages are obstructed.

The NFL5P2 is an angle bracket that allows a NFL5 Series stage to be mounted vertically. This is necessary in some XY and all XYZ configurations.


5 mm Single-Axis Stage & Controller Bundles


The TPZNFL5(/M) bundle includes the TPZ001 T-Cube Piezo Driver, the ideal driver for the NFL5DP20(/M) stage and includes all necessary cable for a complete open-loop piezo positioning system. The TPZNFL5(/M) includes a NF5P1(/M) base plate. 

The TSGNFL5(/M) bundle has been designed for customers who require precise, closed-loop control. The NFL5DP20S(/M) stage, together with the TPZ001 T-Cube Piezo Controller and TSG001 Strain Gauge Reader, provides an out of the box, high-precision, closed-loop positioning solution. The TSGNFL5(/M) includes a NFL5P1(/M) base plate. Power supplies for the TPZ001 and TSG001 are not included. When both T-Cubes are mounted on the TCH002 hub, the TSG001 provides feedback to the TPZ001 through the hub, thus eliminating the need for an additional wire connecting the two T-Cubes.



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