Mini-Stage, Dovetail Mechanism


1/2" (12.7 mm) Travel Miniature Dovetail Stages

  • Modular, Compact Design
  • Robust Dovetail Mechanism
  • Lockable Moving Platform
  • Rapid, Smooth Positioning

1/2" (12.7 mm) Travel Miniature Dovetail Stages

  • Modular and Compact Design
  • Dovetail Mechanism
  • Lockable Moving Platform
  • Rapid and Smooth Positioning

The DT12 dovetail translation stage is a miniature, entry-level positioner, ideal for use in applications where space is limited and is available in either single-axis or multi-axis configurations. It is 1.0" square and provides a travel length of 0.5". The design uses a precision-rolled M3 x 0.35 mm pitch leadscrew for smooth linear positioning along the entire range of travel. The moving platform is lockable to guard against accidental movement. The top and bottom plates feature 8-32 (M4) holes for a variety of mounting options.

The modular design allows the stages to be assembled easily into 2- or 3-axis configurations using the DT12A right angle bracket. XYZ configurations can easily be built from a DT12XY stage and a DT12 stage by using the DT12A bracket.  Slotted base plates for mounting the stages to an optical table are supplied with all 2- and 3-axis configurations but are also available separately. Alternatively, the stage can be mounted to an #8-32 (M4) threaded post.

 the DT12CSA allows the stage to be mounted with the 60 mm cage system, and the DT12RA enables the stage (or other optomech device such as a lens holder) to be mounted horizontally in a rotational axis, providing 360° movement. It also allows a rotational axis to be added to an existing configuration - see below for more details. When combined with the RC series of rail carriers (an SD1 adapter ring is required for use with the RC1 or RC3), the DT12 stage can be mounted within rail systems using the RLA series of small optical rails.


DT12 Series Mounting Accessories


DT12A Angle Bracket -The DT12A, which is compatible with both imperial and metric stages, allows two stages to be mounted perpendicular to each other. This bracket is required when assembling stages in a XZ, YZ, or XYZ configuration (as shown in the main image above).

DT12B Baseplate - The DT12B(/M), provides a convenient method of bolting the stage to the work surface (a baseplate is supplied with all two- and three-axis configurations). The stage fixes to the basplate using the 6-32 (M3) bolts and cleats provided. A countersunk mounting bolt (1/4"-20 or M6) for fixing the baseplate to the work surface is also supplied.

CL6 Clamp - The CL6 optical clamps offer an alternative method of fixing the stage to the work surface.


DT12 Series Application Accessories

The DT12CSA allows the DT12 stage to be mounted within a 60 mm cage system. When inserted into a cage system , the distance from the top surface of the stage to the center line of the cage system will be 24 mm.

The DT12RA rotation adapter enables the DT12 stage (or other optomech device such as a lens holder) to be mounted in a rotational axis to provide 360o of movement. The rotation adapter is lockable and can be secured directly to the work surface using the DT12B base plate or two CL6 clamps. It can also be mounted on the DT12CSA cage system adapter or fitted to an existing two- or three-axis configuration to provide rotation in pitch roll or yaw.


Using the DT12CSA Cage System Adapter

The DT12CSA cage system adapter is used to mount the DT12 series of stages within a 60 mm cage system. Optical components such as lens mounts, which are fixed to the DT12 stage, can be positioned quickly within the area of interest prior to being positioned precisely using the stage.


Using the DT12RA Rotation Adapters

The DT12RA rotation adapter can be attached to the work surface (using either the CL6 clamps or the DT12B base plate) to create a rotational platform as shown opposite. Optical components such as lens mounts can be fitted to the assembly and rotated. A pinch bolt locks the component into the desired position.

The DT12RA can also be used with the DT12CSA described above. The DT12 stage shown can be replaced with the DT12RA to provide a rotation platform within the 60 mm cage system, for optical components such as lens mounts and filter holders.

The DT12RA can also be fitted to an existing stage configuration to provide angular rotation in pitch, roll or yaw. The rotation adapter includes an angle bracket which is easily mounted to an existing single, 2- or 3-axis configuration. Full fitting instructions are included. The photo to the right shows a DT12RA and additional DT12 stage fitted to a DT12XYZ three axis set up.



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