MM FC/APC Connectors, Ceramic Ferrule


FC/APC Fiber Connector: Multimode, Ceramic Ferrule

  • Pre-Angled 8° Ceramic Ferrules
  • Typical 10 dB Improvement in Return Loss for 0.22 and 0.27 NA Fibers Compared to FC/PC Connectors
  • 2.0 mm Narrow Keys


  • FC/APC Connectors with 2.0 mm Narrow Keys
  • 8° Pre-Angled Ceramic Ferrules
  • Strain Relief Boot for Ø3.0 mm Tubing and Connector Cap Included
  • Additional Dust Caps can be Purchased Separately

Thorlabs' 30128A3 FC/APC Connector has a 2.0 mm narrow key and an 8° pre-angled ceramic ferrule. The connector package includes a fiber connector cap and a Ø3 mm green boot. Additionally, we offer stainless steel sleeves designed for mating connectors to our stainless steel tubing. Please refer to stainless steel tubing and sleeves for more information.

The 30128A3 is designed for multimode fibers with a cladding diameter of 125 µm and low numerical apertures (NAs), such as the ones listed in the Recommended Fiber table to the right. The 8° pre-angled ferrule reduces back reflections in low-NA fibers, which leads to an improvement in return loss. For example, for 0.275 and 0.22 NA fibers, those terminated with FC/APC connectors showed a typical return loss improvement of 10 dB for fiber-to-free-space compared to that measured with FC/PC connectors. Our AFS50 (0.22 NA), AFS105 (0.22 NA), and GIF625 (0.275 NA) have average decrease in return loss of 11.25 dB, 7.4 dB, and 10.3 dB, respectively. This improvement will be more pronounced for fibers with smaller NAs.

FC/APC connectors can only be mated to other FC/APC connectors. Thus, the 30128A3 provides a solution for connecting FC/APC-terminated components.

We do not currently offer green Ø2 mm strain relief boots. If you would like to use this connector with Ø2 mm furcation tubing, the black 190066CP boots sold on the Furcation Tubing, Sleeves, and Connector Caps page are compatible with the 30128A3.

FC/APC Fiber Connector: Multimode, Ceramic Ferrule

Item #StyleInner DiameterDiameter ToleranceConcentricityFerruleBoot IncludedCrimp Tool
30128A3 FC/APC 127 µm +4/-0 µm 4 µm Ceramic,
Pre-Angled 8°
Ø3 mm CT042


Dust Caps

Our CAPF Clear Plastic Dust Caps are for use with all Ø2.5 mm fiber connector ferrules and FC connectors, while our CAPFM Threaded Nickel-Plated Brass Dust Caps work with any narrow-key FC connector. Dirt on the fiber tip can cause permanent damage to the fiber connector, which can result in increased coupling losses or undesirable mode structure in the output light. To prevent damaging the connectorized fiber, clean it before each use and use a fiber connector cap to protect the end face of the connectorized fiber when it is not in use.


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