Single Mode FC/PC Connectors


FC/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode and Polarization Maintaining

  • Screw-In Connectors
  • 2.0 mm Narrow Keys
  • Spring-Loaded, Ceramic Ferules
  • Maximum Concentricity of 1 µm


  • FC/PC Connectors with 2.0 mm Narrow Keys for Single Mode or Polarization-Maintaining Fiber
  • Screw-In Connector for High Stability
  • Pre-Radiused, Spring-Loaded, Ø2.5 mm, Ceramic Ferrule
  • Strain Relief Boot for Ø3.0 mm or Ø900 µm Tubing and Connector Cap Included

Threaded FC/PC connectors are designed for high-vibration environments. The "PC" stands for "physical contact" because these connectors allow the surfaces of two connected fibers to be in direct contact with each other. The FC/PC single mode connectors on this page feature a pre-radiused (20 mm) ceramic ferrule that minimizes back reflections. The ceramic ferrule is also spring-loaded to control the force on the fiber as the connector is screwed into its port.

Each 2.0 mm narrow key connector comes complete with a strain relief boot for either Ø3 mm or Ø900 µm tubing (both in the case of 301255D1) and a fiber connector cap. They also feature a hole size tolerance of +1 µm / -0 µm and a maximum concentricity of 1 µm. For temporary termination, our BFTU Bare Fiber Terminator can be used with the 30126C3 and 30126C9 connectors.

For use with Polarization-Maintaining Fiber, we offer the 301255D1 FC/PC style connector. This connector's key is continuously adjustable, allowing precise alignment with the axis of the PM fiber. Once the key is aligned, it can be locked into place by adding a drop of superglue in the slot near the back of the connector.

C/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode

Item #StyleBoreConcentricityFerruleIncluded Boot(s)Crimp Tool for
Ø3.0 mm Tubinga
30080D1 2.0 mm FC/PC Narrow Key Ø80 +1/-0 µm 1 µm Ø2.5 mm, Ceramic Ø900 µm Not Required
301255D1 2.0 mm FC/PC Narrow Key, Adjustable Ø125 +1/-0 µm 1 µm Ø2.5 mm, Ceramic Ø900 µm and Ø3.0 mm CT042
30126C3 2.0 mm FC/PC Narrow Key Ø126 +1/-0 µm 1 µm Ø2.5 mm, Ceramic Ø3.0 mm CT042
30126C9 2.0 mm FC/PC Narrow Key Ø126 +1/-0 µm 1 µm Ø2.5 mm, Ceramic Ø900 µm Not Required
  • A crimp tool is not required for Ø900 µm boots. For more details, please see our FN96A Connectorization Guide.


Strain Relief Boots and Dust Caps

* Strain Relief Boots and Crimp Sleeves for Ø2 mm Tubing (25 Pack)
* CAPF Dust Cap for Ø2.5 mm Ferrules (25 Pack)
* CAPFM Threaded Metal Dust Cap for FC Connectors (4 Pack)

Thorlabs offers strain relief boots and dust caps that can be purchased separately from our fiber connectors. The black strain relief boots sold here are compatible with FC/PC and FC/APC connectors and Ø2 mm furcation tubing (our stock connectors do not include a boot compatible with Ø2 mm tubing).

The CAPF Clear Plastic Dust Caps are for use with all Ø2.5 mm fiber connector ferrules and FC connectors, and the CAPFM Threaded Nickel-Plated Brass Dust Caps are for use with narrow-key FC connectors. Dirt on the fiber tip can result in permanent damage to the fiber connector, which can increase coupling losses or create undesirable mode structures in the output light. To prevent damaging the connectorized fiber, clean it before each use and use a fiber connector cap to protect the end face of the connectorized fiber when it is not in use.


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