General Adhesives


General Adhesives

  • Low Vapor Pressure Vacuum Epoxy
  • 5-Minute General Epoxy
  • Acrylic Anerobic, Minute-Bond Adhesive

Thorlabs offers several adhesives and epoxies for general purpose use. We offer 5-minute epoxy, vacuum epoxy for low vapor pressure, Acrylic Anaerobic Adhesive (Loctite), high temperature epoxy, fiber optic connectorization epoxy, conductive silver epoxy, and an epoxy mixing kit. We also offer UV-curing adhesives and various types of tape.

General Purpose 5-Minute Epoxy

* General Purpose, 2-Part Epoxy
* Easy-to-Use Dispenser Ensures Proper Mixing Ratio


Acrylic Anaerobic Adhesive

  • Acrylic Adhesive & Primer
  • Superior Bonding of Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Nylon & Wood
  • Fast Cure @ Room Temperature (Sets in Seconds, Strong Bond in 1-2 Minutes)
  • Easy to Use - No Measuring or Mixing
  • Operating Temp: -54 °C to +150 °C


The LOCTITE® Speedbonder 312 anaerobic adhesive kit contains a 10 ml bottle of adhesive and a 40 g aerosol can of primer. This adhesive provides exceptionally strong bonds between similar and dissimilar materials (metal, glass, ceramic, nylon, wood and some plastics) in minutes. Bonding steel to steel, the bond strength will be ~65% after 5 minutes, ~80% after 30 minutes and a full cure is typically after 24 hours.


Vacuum Epoxy

* Seals Leaks in Vacuum Equipment Down to 10-9 Torr
* Forms a Reliable, High Strength, Long-Term Bond with Metals, Ceramics, or Glass
* No Solvent Necessary to Evaporate
* Hardens in 1 Hour at Room Temperature, Cures in 24 Hours
* Hardens in 30 Minutes at 60 °C, Cures in 90 Minutes
* Mixing Ratio: 2 Parts Resin to 1 Part Hardener
* 82 g (2.9 oz) Base Resin, 36 g (1.3 oz) Hardener


Please note that epoxy resins are prone to solidification or crystallization.  If this occurs, the product can easily be returned to a liquid state by immersing the tube in warm [approximately 100 °F (38 °C)] water for 30 minutes. Ensure all material is melted prior to use. Allow the resin component to return to room temperature prior to mixing with the hardener.


High Temperature & Low CTE Epoxy

* Excellent Wicking for Fiber Optic Applications
* High Temperature Epoxy - Can Perform at Constant 200°C
* Passes NASA Low Outgassing Standard ASTM E595 with Proper Cure
* Color Changes Upon Curing From Amber to Dark Red
* 4 Hour Pot Life
* Pre-Measured, 4 g Packs

EPO-TEK 353ND is known industry wide as a high temperature epoxy. This two part, 100% solid, heat curing epoxy can be used in applications requiring constant performance at 200 °C. It can handle 300 °C to 400 °C for brief periods. The epoxy is vacuum compatible, passing NASA low outgassing standard ASTM E595. Thorlabs offers 353ND epoxy in pre-measured, 4-gram packs that provide repeatable performance and eliminate the need for measuring.

Please note that 353NDPK is classified as a dangerous good in some countries. Depending on the delivery location, this item may need to be shipped separate from the rest of your order at an additional charge. This 2-part epoxy is stocked within the USA and Germany. Ground shipment from these locations can ship via Fedex Ground at no additional charge. Please contact our Sales Department if there are questions or concerns when placing an order.


Fiber Connector Epoxy

* Easy-to-Use 2g BIPAX
* 25-30 Connectors per Pack (Sold in Packages of 10)
* F112 and F120 Not Intended for Use with TECS Clad Fiber

F112 Long Pot Life, Room Temperature Cure
The F112 epoxy is an ideal epoxy for making room temperature terminations. The long 30 minute pot life allows more connectors to be produced from one mix. See the Specs tab for details.

F120 Fast Room Temperature Cure
The F120 epoxy provides a combination of fast cures and low shrinkage for high performance fiber optic connections. At room temperature, the connectors are ready for polishing within 1 hour; however, fully matured bonds require 4 to 6 hours. See theSpecs tab for details.

F123 Color-Keyed, High-Temperature Cure
This epoxy has a unique three-step color change formulation: unmixed components are light yellow, the mixed color is green, and after the required 100 °C high-temperature cure, the color is a deep reddish-amber. See the Specs tab for details.

Note: In general, we have found that using this product beyond its expiration date may result in increased curing times but does not significantly affect the performance if used within one year of the printed date.


Conductive Epoxy

* Ideal for Mounting Conductive Components that Cannot be Soldered
* Low Resistance Epoxy Coating or Adhesive, 0.0007 Ohm-cm
* Lap Shear: 1000 psi
* Maximum Operating Temperature of 250 °F (121 °C)

Thorlabs offers Electrodag™ 5810 Conductive Epoxy for use in places where soldering is not possible. This two-component epoxy has good electrical and thermal conductivity, featuring a low volume resistance of 0.0007 Ohm-cm and a lap shear of 1000 psi. The silver-filled epoxy has a cure time of 24 hours at room temperature; the cure time can be accelerated to 2 hours at 149 °F (65 °C) or 1 hour at 212 °F (100 °C). The epoxy is packaged in two separate bags with a net weight of 4.4 grams.


Epoxy Mixing Kits

The EMK100 epoxy mixing kit includes 100 disposable round aluminum mixing trays, 100 mixing sticks and 250 tooth picks. This kit has been put together based on common items we use to keep epoxies as clean as possible when mixing. The trays have no oil residue and no vinyl coating which can cause contamination.


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