High Power UV Curing LED System


High Power UV Curing LED System

  • Customizable Exposure Times and Intensities
  • User Calibration for Reproducible Exposure
  • 10 Customizable Profiles
  • 5 Operation Modes


  • 27 W/cm² LED Power Density at 365 nm*
  • Replaceable Optics Allow Adjustments to Beam Spot Size and Shape
  • User Calibration with Included Power Density Detector
  • Timer and Continuous Mode Plus 3 Additional Modes
  • 10 Configurable Profiles
  • USB Port for PC Control
  • Acoustic Time Signal
  • Trigger Operation via Controller, Foot Switch, or Hand Trigger

*Calculated power density directly at the LED emitter. The calculation is done using the minimum LED power of 270 mW and a chip surface measuring 1 mm x 1 mm.

The CS2010 is an advanced UV Curing LED System designed to cure adhesives that need to be exposed to reproducible high-intensity (27 W/cm²) light a 365 nm. Five operation modes allow fine control of the duration and intensity of emission. Up to 10 different settings can be stored in configuration profiles. The integrated power density detector enables calibration of the emission time based on the current power density of the LED.

Five Operation Modes

  • Continuous Mode: The intensity of the emitted light can be continuously adjusted and dispensed in mA, % of max 700 mA, or mW/cm².
  • Timer Mode: This mode allows the user to limit the exposure time for a selected intensity.
  • Slope Mode: This mode allows the user to gradually increase or decrease the intensity over a chosen time interval. Simply choose the initial and final intensities and the intensity will vary in a linear fashion during the chosen time period.
  • Configuration Mode: 10 different user-defined configurations can be stored.
  • Irradiance Mode: Use this mode to recalibrate all settings or to measure the irradiance of the LED source.

The integrated power density detector enables calibration of the emission time based on the current power density of the LED source. An acoustic signal can also be activated to generate beeps at determined time intervals. The output of the curing system is SM05-threaded; optics can be easily interchanged to produce different beam spot sizes and shapes.

Compared to conventional arc-lamp UV systems, the CS2010 offers many advantages, like an intense, uniform UV radiation profile and a long lifetime of 10,000+ hours. It requires much less energy, needs no warm-up time, and exhibits low IR heat emission. The system has no moving parts (passive, fan-less cooling) and is maintenance free. Additionally, the source contains no mercury and generates no ozone during the curing process.

Optional Accessories
See below for some optional accessories for the UV Curing LED System. The CS20A1 Foot Switch is designed as an alternative means for controlling the system. The beam diameter can be changed to 12 mm or 1 mm with the CS20A2 Collimation and CS20A3 Focus Adapter, respectively. The CS20A2 is included with the purchase of the UV curing system. If no optic is used with the UV curing system, the outputted light will be divergent with a 30 mm diameter when measured 20 mm from the output.


Item #CS2010
Operation Properties
Continuous Mode Power: 0 - 100%
Timer Mode Power: 0 - 100%
Time: 1s - 2 h 46 min 39 s
Config Mode 10 Configurations in Timer Mode
Slope Mode Time: 1 s - 2 h 46 min 39 s
Start Power: 0 - 100%
Stop Power: 0 - 100%
Optical Properties
Wavelength 365 nm
UV LED Power 270 mW (Min)
360 mW (Typical)
LED Chip 27 W/cm² (Min)
Focused using CS20A3* 10 W/cm² (Min)
Collimated using CS20A2 150 mW/cm² (Min)
Divergent without Optics
(Distance 20 mm)
25 mW/cm² (Min)
Beam diameter
LED Chip 1 x 1 mm²
Focused using CS20A3* 1 mm
Collimated using CS20A2 12 mm
Divergent without Optics
(Distance 20 mm)
30 mm
Operating Temperature Range** 0 - 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Main Unit
157 mm x 80 mm x 158 mm
(6.2" x 3.2" x 6.2")
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Hand Held Unit
95 mm x 180 mm x 32 mm
(3.6" x 7.1" x 1.3")
Warm Up Time for Rated Accuracy  

*Not included within Base Package


Optional Accessories for Curing LED System


Item #CS20A1CS20A2CS20A3




Description Foot Switch
Collimation Adapter
Focus Adapter



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