UV Curing Adhesives


UV-Curing Optical Adhesives

  • Adhesives for Glass to Metal, Glass to Glass & Glass to Plastic
  • Optic Adhesives with Low Shrinkage/Low Stress
  • Block Adhesive for Temporary Bonding of Glass to Metal


  • Low Shrinkage and Low Stress
  • Strong Glass-Metal, Glass-Glass, and Glass-Plastic Bonds
  • Recommended UV Curing Intensity >2 mW/cm2 @ 365 nm
  • Dispenser Bottle Contains 1 oz (NOA Products) or 100 g (NBA107) of Adhesive

Norland Optic Adhesives are clear, one part adhesives that contain no solvents. When exposed to UV light, they gel in seconds and cure fully in minutes to give a tough resilient bond. Each of the six formulas listed below has been optimized to provide excellent bonding for specific applications. To cure these optical adhesives, they must be exposed to UV light. Thorlabs offers a UV curing systemthat provides an intensity of 600 mW/cm2.

Item #Adhesion Item Description
(Only Available in K6-NOA)
Glass-Metal Good
Glass-Glass Good
Glass-Plastic Fair
NOA60 typically has three uses: as a mounting cement for lenses, for the assembly of doublets or prisms, or for mounting components between two pieces of glass or plastic. Due to its excellent insulating properties, NOA60 can also be used as a protective overcoat on electrical components. The cured polymer has an refractive index of 1.56
Please note that the NOA60 is only available in the K6-NOA.
Glass-Metal Excellent
Glass-Glass Excellent
Glass-Plastic Fair
NOA61 is designed to give the best possible bond to glass surfaces and may be polished after curing. It meets Federal Specification MIL-A-3920 for optical adhesives and is approved for use on all government contracts specifying such adhesives. This adhesive has excellent adhesion to metal, fiberglass and glass-filled plastics. The refractive index of the cured polymer typically has a value of 1.56.
Glass-Metal Good
Glass-Glass Good
Glass-Plastic Fair
NOA63 can be used for bonding achromats, prisms and all other precision compound optics. The characteristics of this adhesive are its low fluorescence and its excellent transmission in the UV range. This adhesive is also suitable for bonding glass to metal. The adhesive cures well in thick sections and has low shrinkage and a slight resiliency to minimize strain. The refractive index of the cured polymer typically has a value of 1.56.
Glass-Metal Good
Glass-Glass Good
Glass-Plastic Fair
NOA65 when cured is a very flexible adhesive and minimizes strain. It is suitable where the adhesive cross section would be relatively thick. It has enough elasticity to minimize strain even when materials with different coefficients of expansion are bonded. It is used for potting of lenses in metal mounts and bonding plastic to glass. It is also a blocking cement for temporary mounting on polishing blocks. The refractive index of the cured polymer is 1.52.
Glass-Metal Good
Glass-Glass Excellent
Glass-Plastic Excellent
NOA68 is a flexible adhesive designed to give improved adhesion to many plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate and CAB. Suggested uses for NOA68 include bonding compound plastic lenses, laminating polarized film between glass or plastic, mounting lenses in metal or plastic mounts and bonding cover glasses onto plastic optics. The refractive index of the cured polymer typically has a value of 1.54.
Glass-Metal Excellent
Glass-Glass Excellent
Glass-Plastic Fair
NOA81 is an extremely fast curing adhesive. NOA81 has similar qualities to the NOA61, yet it can cure 3 to 5 times faster. However, curing times are dependent on the UV light source. Not only is it a faster curing adhesive, it is also tougher and stronger. NOA81 is recommended for applications that require extra toughness or speed in curing. The refractive index of the cured polymer typically has a value of 1.56. Like NOA61, it may also be polished.
K6-NOA K6-NOA kit includes all six UV curable optical adhesives above together with application data on each of the adhesives. The kit does not include the NBA107 block adhesive for temporary bonding of glass to metal.
NBA107 NBA107 is a single component, UV curable adhesive used to temporarily bond optical components to metal polishing fixtures. The adhesive cures by exposure to UV light, thus eliminating the heat induced strain typically of hot pitch mounting methods. Deblocking, or removal of the optic is accomplished by immersing the bonded optic in warm (80 °C) water. The refractive index of the cured polymer typically has a value of 1.51.


Common Specifications

  • Cure: UV
  • Color: Clear
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion at Room Temperature: 220 x 10-6 in/in-°C
Item #Recommended UsesAdhesionViscosity @ 25 °CnaTensile StrengthShore D
NOA60c Tough general purpose adhesive with
excellent insulating properties
Good Good Fair 300 CPS 1.56 2,800 psi 81 1 ± 0.07 oz
(28 ± 2 g)
NOA61 Preferred optical adhesive, meets MIL-A-3920,
low shrinkage and resiliency
Excellent Excellent Fair 300 CPS 1.56 3,000 psi 85 1 ± 0.07 oz
(28 ± 2 g)
NOA63 Bond components by curing a hard resilient,
thick bead along an edge
Good Good Fair 2,000 CPS 1.56 5,000 psi 90 1 ± 0.07 oz
(28 ± 2 g)
NOA65 Flexible adhesive suitable for low strain
applications and cold blocking
Good Good Fair 1,200 CPS 1.52 1,500 psi 50 1 ± 0.07 oz
(28 ± 2 g)
NOA68 Flexible bond, ideal for plastics such as
polycarbonate, CAB and acrylic
Excellent Good Good to
5,000 CPS 1.54 2,500 psi 60 1 ± 0.07 oz
(28 ± 2 g)
NOA81 Fast curing adhesive for tacking, a hard
resilient bond
Excellent Excellent Fair 300 CPS 1.56 4,000 psi 90 1 ± 0.07 oz
(28 ± 2 g)
NBA107 Temporary bonding of optics to metal Fair Excellent Fair - 1.51 - - 3.5 oz
(100 g)

a Index of Refraction, n
b Net Weight is the intrinsic weight of the product itself, not including the weight of the packaging or other materials.
c The NOA60 is only available in K6-NOA



Optical Properties

Using the Cauchy Equation below one can calculate the refractive index (n) at a specific wavelength (λ) for the NOA and NBA Series optical adhesives.

Cauchy's Equation

Where n25 °C = Refractive Index at 25 °C for a specific wavelength (nm), and A, B and C are constants determined by the material.
For the NOA61, NOA63 and NOA81 adhesives:
A = 1.5375
B = 8290.45
C = -2.11046 x 108

For the NOA65 and NBA107 adhesives:
A = 1.50631
B = 5435.62
C = 2.77798 x 10


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