Mechanical Level



  • Circular Bullseye Level is Ideal for Checking the Level of Breadboards and Tables in the XY Plane
  • Combination Square Level can be Used to Measure the Level in One Dimension and Draw Right Angles

LVL01 Features

  • 40 arcmin Sensitivity
  • Made of Durable Acrylic and a Hot Stamped Lens
  • Measures Level in XY Plane

The LVL01 Bullseye Level is well suited for determining the level in the XY plane. The level can be used in the lab to measure and set the level of breadboards and tables, as well as optomechanical mounts.

LVL02 Features

  • Precision Machined Head and Bubble Level Ensure Squareness to 0.001°
  • 12" Etched Stainless Steel Blade with 3 Different Inch Graduations: 8, 16, and 32 Marks per Inch
  • Through Holes Provide Easy Marking Access
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Square Head
  • Self-Aligning Drawbolt
  • Hardened Scriber Included in Back of Head

The LVL02 Combination Square is a precision instrument with better sensitivity than similar instruments used in carpentry. Sensitivity is the measure of how large of a tilt is needed for the bubble to move, while accuracy is how close to true level the device measures. The stainless steel blade is marked with two scales on each side and is removable. One side is marked with 1/8" markings with 1/4" hole spacing and 1/16" markings with 1/8" hole spacing. On the other side, the ruler is marked with 1/16" markings with 1/4" hole spacing and 1/32" markings with 1/8" hole spacing. Also included with the combination square is a hardened scriber which is conveniently stored in the back of the head for ready access.


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