Torque Wrenches


Torque Drivers

  • 0 - 24 oz-in and 0 - 75 lb-in Versions Available
  • Accuracy not Affected by Hand-Hold Position
  • Compatible Imperial and Metric Hex Bit Drivers


  • 0 - 24 oz-in and 0 - 75 lb-in Versions Available
  • Accurate to 2% of the Reading
  • Metal Precision Dial with Dual Units
  • Memory Needle
  • Not Affected by Hand-Hold Position
  • Compatible Imperial and Metric Hex Bit Drivers Sold Separately Below

The TD24 and TD75 torque drivers are equipped with a precision metal combination dial, and have a 1/4" square drive socket at the end of the handle. The TD24 can provide 0 to 24 oz-in of torque, while the TD75 can provide 0 to 75 lb-in of torque. Both wrenches are accurate to 2% of the dial reading. The design of these torque wrenches allows accurate torques to be dialed in regardless of the hand-hold position on the handle.

The precision dial on each driver has two scales. The outer ring of white numbers is the secondary scale, and the inner ring of black numbers is the primary scale. Please see the image to the right for details. The table above lists the increments for each scale. The dial also has two needles. The black needle indicates the torque that is being applied to a fixture. The silver memory needle is moveable and can be used to more clearly indicate the desired torque value.

An accurate set of torque wrenches is essential for assembling high performance optomechanical systems, and when using ultra stable mounts, such as our Polaris kinematic mirror mounts.Tightening screws to a proper torque and maintaining consistency and repeatability is important because stresses from over torquing can easily distort an optic, warp a flat optical mounting surface, or add excessive stress that will relieve over time and cause mechanical creep.

The TD24 has a range that is optimal for setting an optic without applying excessive force. The set screw that holds an optic into the mount should only be torqued in to approximately 6 to 12 oz-in in most applications. Less torque will result in an optic being too loose and excessive torque will result in an optic being distorted or damaged.

The TD75 has a range that is optimal for building optomechanical systems. Applying proper torque to components will ensure that your system is built to a repeatable standard and remove the risk of components being loose or over tightened.

The wrenches are shipped with the main pointer on the dial lined up with the zero mark and pointing away from the handle. If the main pointer ever does not return to the zero mark, hold the outer dial ring and turn it until they line up again. This will not affect the calibration of the tools. These drivers are shipped with a certification of calibration.


Drive Type Fixed Drive
Square Drive Size 1/4"
Torque Range* 0 - 24 oz-in
(0 - 0.17 N•m)
0 - 75 lb-in
(0 - 8.5 N•m)
Dial Primary Capacity* 4.8 - 24 oz-in
(0.034 - 0.17 N•m)
15 - 75 lb-in
(1.7 - 8.5 N•m)
Primary Scale Increments 0.5 oz-in
(0.004 N•m)
5 lb-in
(0.6 N•m)
Dial Secondary Capacity* 0.3 - 1.5 lb-in
(0.03 - 0.17 N•m)
1.68 - 8.4 N•m
Secondary Scale Increments 0.03125 lb-in
(0.003531 N•m)
0.2 N•m
Overall Height 8.1"
Overall Width 2.3"
Weight 1.00 lbs

*Although the torque wrenches are operational over the torque range, the 2% accuracy specification is only valid for the primary and secondary capacity spec.


Hex Drivers


These Hex Driver Bit Kits are compatible with our TD24 and TD75 torque drivers (sold above) as well as traditional 1\4" socket wrenches. The hex sizes available correspond with many of the hex screws used in our broad product line. Each bit is engraved with the hex size as seen in the photo to the right.

Hex Driver Bit Kit Contents
Imperial Kit 0.050", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", and 3/16"
Metric Kit 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, and 5.0 mm


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