Passive Breadboard Isolators


Passive Benchtop Isolation Systems

  • Iso-Plates Provide All-in-One Passive Isolation for Breadboards
  • Standard and heavy-Duty Pneumatic Isolator Feet Attach to Existing Setups
  • Sorbothane Feet for Small Breadboards and Instrumentation

Iso-Plate Passive Isolation Systems


  • Three-Point Stabilization for Breadboards
  • Two Sizes:
    • 600 mm x 600 mm (23.6" x 23.6")
    • 900 mm x 600 mm (35.4" x 23.6")
  • Load Capacity, Including Breadboard: 45 - 180 kg (100 - 400 lb)

Iso-Plate Passive Isolation Systems, which are available in two different sizes, provide portability and localized air suspension for small-scale experiments, demonstrations, and vibration-sensitive instrumentation. The breadboard, which must be purchased separately, sits on four rubber pads supported by inflated cushions. A pair of these cushions shares an air reservoir, and the remaining two cushions have independent reservoirs. This arrangement provides stable, three-point dynamics to the system.

Air suspension is achieved via three Schrader valves on the front panel, which can be inflated by a standard foot pump.

Passive Isolation Mounts


  • Supports a Wide Range of Breadboard and Optical Table Sizes
  • Use Extra Mounts to Increase Load Capacity
  • Supplied as a Set of Four

These Passive Isolation Mounts, which are designed for use with breadboards and small optical tables, are particularly well suited for upgrading a rigid, non-isolating support frame. Place them on a floor or benchtop to provide a quick and easy temporary vibration isolation solution when a permanent system is not deemed necessary.

The mounts are sold as a set of four, contain a Schrader valve, and can be inflated using our standard foot pump.


Vibration Isolating Feet


  • deal for Benchtop Vibration Isolation
  • 1/4"-20 (M6) Threaded Stud Allows Fitting to Base of Test Equipment
  • Load Capacity (Set of Four): 44 - 70.4 lb (20 - 32 kg)
  • Use Extra Feet to Increase Load Capacity
  • Supplied as a Set of Four

Thorlabs' Sorbothane Mounting Feet provide a passive isolation solution for workbench-mounted breadboards. They can also be used to isolate vibrationally noisy equipment from the optical table or breadboard surface. The feet do not require inflation, are supplied as a set of four, and have a 1/4"-20 (M6) thread for easy mounting.

The ideal load capacity per foot is 11 - 17.6 lb (5 - 8 kg). For heavier loads, simply add more feet. To achieve optimal isolation, use the feet as close to the maximum load as possible.

Note that these feet may have silicon residue on them from their molding process. To remove the residue, wipe the feet down with methylene chloride, taking the appropriate precautions.



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