Aluminum Optical Breadboards, 1" Thick


UltraLight Series, Aluminum, 25 mm (1") Thick, High Stiffness Breadboards

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • High Strength-to Weight Ratio
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Ideal for Optical Setups
  • Used for Applications Demanding a Totally Nonmagnetic Structure

UltraLight™ optical breadboards offer high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent thermal stability. These breadboards are ideal for optical setups where portability and dynamic rigidity are important. They are typically used as replacements for aluminum, steel, or granite surface plates as well as for applications demanding a totally nonmagnetic surface.

Key SpecificationsImperial
Flatness ±0.15 mm (±0.006") Over Any 0.3 m2
Mounting Holes 1/4"-20 Tapped Holes on 1" Centers M6 Tapped Holes on 25 mm Centers
Distance From Edge to First Holes 1.0" on All Sides 25 mm on All Sides


  • 25 mm (1") Thickness
  • UltraLight Breadboards are 20% Lighter than Equivalent Solid Aluminum Surface Plates
  • All-Aluminum Construction Results in Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Higher Rigidity than 0.5" Thick Solid Aluminum Breadboards (see Construction Tab for Details)
  • Black Matte Painted Surface Reduces Reflectivity and Backscatter
  • High Density Core Provides Static and Dynamic Rigidity

Choosing an Optical Breadboard
When choosing an aluminum optical breadboard, stiffness is a major consideration. Thorlabs offers two levels of stiffness: high and enhanced. Although most people associate deflection under load with thickness, it is actually the stiffness of a board that determines the deflection. The higher the stiffness, the better the breadboard's ability to resist bending when a load or force is applied to it. Therefore, when a heavy load is placed in the center of a breadboard with high stiffness, the board will deflect more than it would if the same load was placed on an enhanced stiffness breadboard. This deflection can create misalignment between two components on opposite ends of the breadboard. This feature is especially important, for example, when conducting experiments that require sliding optical setups across the breadboard while maintaining a straight optical axis.


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